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Tumblr isn’t going to revert back to the old dimensions.

They changed the format to earn money. They’re not going to change it back simply because the fandom side of Tumblr writes up a petition or strikes for a day.

The choice is then to either start using the new dimensions or continue using the old dimensions. And considering that you cannot upload a graphic larger than 500px without Tumblr re-sizing it back down to 500px, this aspect of the new dimensions is faulty. Graphic makers will be unable to upload 500px graphics without them being blurry.

So it is in the best interest of everyone to use the old dimensions.

Install this style script for your browser and your dashboard will revert back to the original photoset dimensions. Copy and paste this style script to your theme html to revert back to the original photoset dimensions.

It kills me that we have to fix this ourselves. But we are capable. We can stick to a united front: one that acknowledges this change is terrible and that we don’t have to adhere to it. 

I love fandom and I love graphics and I want to continue to be a part of a community that shares them. So please, please, save not only the hard work fandom has put into graphics in the past but also the chance to create more in the future. Thank you.

Here’s a concrete thing anyone who doesn’t like the new format or who wants to help avoid Tumblr becoming a YouTube competitor can do:

Don’t post videos.

The Fortune article, which I linked to about a week before the changes went up (and thus was…darkly unsurprised about the code changes) mentions that the reason Yahoo is interested in making Tumblr into a video platform is that video posts on Tumblr are growing at twice the rate photo posts are.  

Yahoo wants to encourage people to post videos, and the new format was explicitly designed to do that. So don’t post videos. Every time you wanna post a video? Post the video as a link. Preferably to YouTube, but I’m sure Vimeo wouldn’t mind the traffic either. If the new format means video posts drop and literally all Tumblr users seem to be doing is linking to external content, there will probably be a very interesting discussion held in the management offices. 



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