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bbdanascully replied to your post: also the implication that she got More…

i think it’s more that she got past the internalized misogyny behind YBWM, like the girl in that song is not awful because of the skirts she’s awful because she’s mean to the guy, but devaluing other girls for what they wear is a thing that girls do

see but i don’t think there was actually internalized misogyny in ybwm? maybe a little, but it’s incidental. taylor never actually says the other girl is awful, only that she seems to make the guy unhappy, and that she is jealous of her. (the video implies the girl is awful but that’s a different matter.)

the line is “but she wears short skirts, i wear t-shirts” — i.e. the fact that taylor doesn’t dress in a ‘sexy’ or ultra-feminine way is a liability for her. she never says she’s better because of this, only that it makes the dude less likely to see her as more than a friend.

and like, can we stop pretending this isn’t a thing in high school? it’s like when people interpret ybwm they completely forget how popularity and social standing work. as a girl who wore t-shirts and sweatpants and sneakers consistently in high school i was seen as less of a viable romantic prospect than girls who could do the high heels/miniskirt/makeup thing.

and i don’t think jealousy is the same thing as internalized misogyny, though it may be tinged with it.

finally, at hell!college once we were talking about this song and this one girl said — in exasperation, at the theoretical narrator, but also kind of to me since i was defending said narrator — “well, maybe if you put on the miniskirt and the high heels, then he’d notice you.” like (a) that was an easy choice, an easy fix, and (b) it was obviously the logical thing to do in this scenario, and (c) the problem was your inability to meet Girl Standards, not those standards themselves.

idk, i kind of think of it as ~defensive~ internalized misogyny - because what’s happening is you’re taking the societal and internal message that you aren’t feminine enough / good enough and reflexively pushing back against it by saying your IDEAL is bad and you should feel bad and really i am sorry for you so there

if that makes. sense.



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