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so instead of buying a car this weekend, i did…not that.

and i spent over an hour yesterday on the phone trying to find a psychiatrist who takes my insurance and is accepting patients and got nowhere and ended up stopping to prevent having a meltdown.

so i have no doctor’s appointment, either.

i washed some dishes, but there’s still dirty dishes and trash everwhere, and i ended up ordering delivery last night even though i’m already spending way too much money with extending this car rental another week, and basically i am very unimpressed with myself right now but also too tired and headachy to care much.

my mom decided that because i didn’t respond to her forwarded car details the week i was either sick or working 12 hour days i don’t really want their help buying a car, which is. pretty par for the course and they’ll probably still help me make a decision and shit but god, it’s frustrating.

like i don’t think they realize how hard a time i’m having just functioning at a most basic level, and on the one hand, that’s good, because it’ll just worry them and freak them the fuck out and i’ll have mom on my case about meds and doctors and about not allowing my mental illness to become an excuse

but on the other hand

yeah. idk.

it seems like all i have are bad days lately.



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