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tagged by both judearaya and likearumchocolatesouffle - does that mean I should list ten things, technically? :P

1) I have a reading speed of 900 wpm with an 80% comprehension rate, according to the online test I took years ago. which is cool and all, but not all that marketable, really.

2) my parents had to get a kid-leash for me when I was little, despite having always thought they were terrible and inhumane - I thought it was the best game ever to run away and hide, apparently, and (at the time) had no fear of strangers. (oddly, as I got older, I got way clingier and more anxious around strangers and heights and well everything)

3) I read One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich when I was eight or so for no other reason than when I asked my mom what she was reading, she said it was boring/too hard for me.

I don’t remember any of it now, but apparently my mom quizzed me and I actually had a fairly good grasp on what happened, if maybe not like, the underlying themes and shit.

4) when I was in third grade, my best friend started teaching me hebrew on the bus (and I mean, legit teaching; she wrote me a glossary and worksheets and gave me homework and everything)

(god we were fucking nerds)

Unfortunately, I remember diddlysquat at this point.

5) I have a crazy mad desire to go to build-a-bear and disappointment that I’ve never done so, but also am too terrified of the emotional commitment it would mean to actually go an do it - what if I didn’t love it properly once I’d made it? how do you choose a stuffed animal to be yours, let alone MAKE one?? ABORT ABORT ABORT

sorry, guys, you already have heard most of my interesting stories, I think.

I tag arrowsforpens, persephonesidekick, poeticprinciple, daltoneering, frumiousme, and anyone else who hasn’t been tagged yet, if you’re up for it <3



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