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hmm, let’s see

just in the last year or so, these are the projects I started and was crazy
intense about for several days or weeks and then never finished, in no
particular order:

- my kink resources page
- my blog layouts (well, that got pretty much done, I’ve just never gone
back to fix things as things broke)
- my online kink negotiations checklist
- my bad day resources (bookmarks and page)
- my writing resources page
- my kink 101 for fic writers series
- my youtube playlists (current project)
- cleaning out all of my likes (intermittent bursts of determination)
- cleaning out my backlogged fic bookmarks and pinning to pinboard (same)
- knitting a winter scarf to match my hat
- knitting fingerless gloves
- queueing the shit out of theninthwall and memegleek blogs i just
started (lost steam almost immediately but luckily have enough queued up to
last for a bit; will also help with cleaning out of likes)((am considering
adding jokes/meta about tumblr and the internet in general to theninthwall
blog in addition to jokes/meta about fandom))
- rating all of my itunes songs
- making kink and girls’ night out themed mixes
- fully cleaning and reorganizing my room (I got pretty far on that,
actually, just never quite finished)
- figuring out how to modify the ao3 bookmark-a-fic javascript to get a
bookmarklet for pinning fics more easily from tumblr
- backtagging all my pinboard bookmarks
- editing all my pinboard bookmarks so that the bookmark titles of fics
are consistently formatted as [author] - [title] (changed mind partway
through and some are [author] | [title]; all the new tumblr ones arent’
formatted correctly; LJ ones are [author]: [title] or [author] in
[community]: [title] so those also need fixing]
- adding content rating to all fic bookmarks missing one [mostly
finished, maybe 100-300 fics left to go through?]
- fix all broken links as possible on pinboard; replace with alternate
links if available (side note: FUCKING TUMBLR URL CHANGES I S2G)
- edit tags for consistency (pinboard)
- edit tags for consistency (tumblr)
- go through author tags and combine any duplicates (done, but has to be
redone every once in a while, and I have no fucking clue about a lot of the
- rename tumblr tags i don’t like with better ones (ongoing)
- put together care packages for my brothers and mail them (lol meant to
do that months ago but they’re only half assembled)
- idk i don’t think writing fic counts but it is something i am thinking
about almost all of the time so
- reading ALL OF THE maria hill fics
- reading ALL OF THE natasha backstory fics
- reading ALL OF THE mcu female-character-focus fics
- reading ALL OF THE interesting looking stucky fics
- reading ALL OF THE backlog of unread glee fics
- writing up all of the neuroatypical things about me in case i want to
argue it to my parents or a doctor or just to myself (well, at the time it
was to *disprove* persephonesidekick, but the purpose has somewhat changed)

these are, of course in addition to all the things i OUGHT to be doing.

yay me?

i am very good at time management and follow through!



hashtag idek what to tag this
hashtag mkp reads all of the things
hashtag mkp bookmarks all of the things
hashtag mkp is really particular about her tags okay it’s a thing
hashtag mkp is really good at starting things



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