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Anonymous prompted: Kurt handcuffs Blaine during sex and afterwards loses the key. Cue either the NYC crew or Burt & Carole (or maybe all of the above lol) arriving at the loft while Kurt is frantically searching for the key.

Changed the prompt a bit, as I tend to do, warning for a little d/s stuff and some embarrassment. Both are mild. NC-17

Kurt’s hair reeks of cigarette smoke and his shoes are sticky from the beer and liquor and god knows what else was layered on the floor. The club had been so hot the walls were actually sweating, and Kurt’s ears are ringing so loudly still that he’s pretty sure he’s shouting at Blaine, and a drunk guy even tried to rush the stage and grab the mic from Kurt before a bouncer tackled him to the ground. It was the best gig ever.

“Oh, and the back room was all black, like floors and ceilings and furniture and I don’t even want to think about the debauchery that backstage has seen and-” Kurt pauses, open water bottle sloshing a few drops onto the floor from all his exited gesticulating, standing at the counter while Blaine sits at the table, chin resting on his fist, sweet smile on his face and his eyes trained right onto Kurt’s crotch.

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[MKP: Added a Read More because there are some slight sp0ilers for the fic in both Jamie’s and my reviews; they are probably more enticing than sp0ilery, but proceed at your own discretion. <3]

There are so many things I love in this story, though I actually found it quite stressful, eep. It ends fine, and no one gets deliberately shamed or anything, but there’s a stressful oh shit moment and it’s very embarrassing. Anyway, I like the believably awkward baby-kinkster stuff, like walking around trying to find something to handcuff Blaine to, LOL, and “We should probably have a safeword,” “I think ‘stop’ will do.” And I LOVE how incredibly turned on Blaine is by the whole idea, and all his reactions, and the amazing blowjob and everything. And the nice friendly kink acceptance right at the very end. It’s very well written too!

Everything Jamie said about the baby kinkstering, oh my gosh. And Rachel was lovely - so very matter-of-fact and helpful in a way that people don’t often write but is actually very true to the character, imo.

and god. just. Kurt making Blaine walk cuffed and just touching his back and letting the feeling build —



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