Jan. 1st, 2014

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Novelist error messages.

Too perfect!


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YOU GOTTA FIGHT………….FOR YOUR RIGHT…………….to have basic reproductive rights and control over your body there is no punchline here it is literally 2013 and white republican men are still breaking rules so that you can’t own your vagina.

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The New Black - Super Swagger - Claret Cream Shine. Head over to my blogpost for all the details!

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i fucking love the word pansexual i think its a lovely word and i really wanna use it to describe myself but calling myself bisexual is so important to me and when i describe myself as both i’m met with “EXCUSE ME U CANNOT” and it sucks 

This is like 90% of why I broke up with pansexual identity (can’t really say “my”, I don’t want it anymore). I mean, that pansexual dialogue is so often an excuse to spread biphobia.

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““None of us really changes over time. We only become more fully what we are.””
- Anne Rice
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arrowsforpens replied to your post “It really bothers me when you reblog things that say or imply that pansexuality is problematic. There was one early this morning that says “that pansexual dialogue is so often an excuse to spread biphobia.” It makes me feel bad about myself and my identity and I don’t know what to do about it.”

I can indeed vouch that MKP’s research skills are consistently and surprisingly paltry.

I can usually eventually find the info! It just. takes me a lot longer.

And sometimes involves doing things like going through all the scholarly articles about 17th century British literature listed on JSTOR, A - Z.

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so, one of my christmas presents this year was that apparently my dad managed to fix his old laptop (you know, the one I borrowed and subsequently apparently broke?) and it is now officially mine!

I’ve been making it over in my own image. <3

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i never understood the whole reaction towards mental illness where someone says “it’s all  in your head” i feel like that statement is just as redundant as telling someone with pulmonary edema that “the fluid is all in your lungs” like yes. yeah thats exactly where it is get it out of there??? 

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i dont trust anybody who tries to prove that characters arent queer

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