Jan. 12th, 2014

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“When you can’t bear something but it goes on anyway, the person who survives isn’t you anymore; you’ve changed and become someone else, a new person, the one who did bear it after all.”
- Austin Grossman, Soon I Will Be Invincible 
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so you’re telling me there’s an alien who regenerates into a completely random form, that he cannot control or determine himself, and who understandably could take millions of different appearances, but who all 13 times just turned into a different skinny white guy

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this is a big-ass list of historical fiction about lesbians and i know for a fact that some of you will appreciate it

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“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever being able to do it.”
- J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan
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Temping: an underrated profession. Five things that Donna has learned in her time as an agency worker.!fic, site:archiveofourown, fandom:doctorwho, rating:generalaudiences, ~author:elstaplador, genre:gen, genre:five-times/five-things, character:donna.noble

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Toshiko took over Torchwood Three when it became clear Jack hadn’t just gone out for chips. She’d expected Owen to make his move, but he hadn’t said a word. He spent a lot of time down in the cells, staring at Weevils.!fic, site:archiveofourown, fandom:torchwood, fandom:stargatesg-1, rating:explicit, pairing:ianto.jones/toshiko.sato, pairing:jack.harkness/ianto.jones, ~author:basingstoke, genre:au, genre:crossover, character:toshiko.sato

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This story is a gift for mandapanda04 for her birthday. She wanted Kurt and Blaine going to their double feature of All About Eve and Showgirls to be a front for more…and then Burt finding out about it.I hope beyond hope that she likes it and it does her idea justice!!fic, site:archiveofourown, fandom:glee, rating:explicit, pairing:blaine.anderson/kurt.hummel, ~author:stut_ter, season/series-four, genre:episode-tag/missing-scene

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Jack never meant to put down roots in Cardiff. It happens anyway. Warnings: incest (of the father/son variety - do not read if you find that triggery!). The underage warning is for Ianto/OMC - Ianto is 17, and nothing really happens, but it’s there. Also canon character deaths, minor character death, and temporary character death (it’s Jack after all) Written for rounds_of_kink on livejournal a long long time ago (and originally posted at my lj).!fic, site:archiveofourown, fandom:torchwood, rating:explicit, pairing:jack.harkness/ianto.jones, pairing:lisa.hallett/ianto.jones, pairing:ianto.jones/omc, pairing:jack.harkness/ofc, ~author:smilla840, .shouldalreadybetagged, warning:incest, genre:au, pre-canon, season/series-one

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Darren and Chris go vote together, and then go back to Darren’s place and get cleaned up and vote some more (what, I still find this joke funny, sorry). Banter and nakedness and not as cracky as it sounds, I swear.!fic, site:archiveofourown, fandom:gleerpf, rating:mature, pairing:chris.colfer/darren.criss, ~author:whenidance

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