Jan. 20th, 2014

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Fresh mint mani for @shelbiew! #mint #artisticcolourgloss #glossnailstudio

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DIY No Sew Lattice Tee Shirt Tutorial from Wobisobi here. For lots more easy tee restyles and jewelry go here: http://ift.tt/KojGdx and for over 25 pages of tee shirt restyles go here: http://ift.tt/Lsy0Su

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My Halloween manicure was pretty simple: Essie Licorice with dots of China Glaze Riveting along the nail line to flirt with a French tip. I was a pirate for Halloween, so no one was really noticing my nails, haha.

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My special interest is the beautifully ambiguous “making things.” Unfortunately because of my misadventures yesterday I wasn’t as patient + enthusiastic as I would have hoped to be with my project today, but it still got done and I’m very happy with it!

Today’s project was what I call my “therapy hat.” I’ve also referred to it as my “autism hat” and “overstimulated hat” but I wanted to be inclusive of non-spectrum people who could benefit from it. Here are its features:

1. soft as hellI don’t need to go into how soft this thing is, yall have seen more than one post dedicated to my obsession with soft things ahaha. 

2. scentsy PawsI put a little pocket into the bottom of each of the paws (pictured above!), right now I have a bag of my favorite tea (madagascar vanilla red) in one and I plan to put some basil (wrapped in gauze) in the other, basil is the most calming smell ever to me I can’t even describe. The pockets are in the perfect place to breathe in the smell when you need to relax. 

3. ear plug pocketa little pocket in the hood to hold ear plugs, perfectly accessible in times of need (unfortunately mine haven’t come in the mail yet… they’re due friday!)

4. huge soft pocketsthese go almost up to my elbows! It’s a sensory dream, and when my hands aren’t in them, they’re big enough to hold all the stim toys an autie could ask for. 

5. doubles as a scarffor warmth, I guess… but mostly for COMPLETE SENSORY BLISS

6. also cute as hellsoothing colors, cute bear ears, and coming soon— lots of pretty punk patches! (I’ve already got one ready to sew on!)

hope yall like it! I’m thinking of making them available on etsy, but idk if I could keep up with it, we’ll see I guess!

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DIY Ultimate Know Your Dress Shapes Guide Infographic from Enerie here. For examples of which designer made which silhouettes famous go to the link. For more ultimate guides from Enerie go here:

Fashion Pattern Vocabulary Part 1 Infographic.

Fashion Pattern Vocabulary Part 2 Infographic. 

Know Your Sunglasses Infographic. 

Know Your Shoes Part 1 Infographic. Lobster Claws anyone?

Know Your Shoes Part 2 Infographic.

Know Your Necklines Infographic from Paper Blog here.

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