Mar. 27th, 2014

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Happy “No Stabbing” Wednesday!

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One of the myths used against bisexuals is one of instability, specifically that bisexuality is always nothing more than a transitional identity where a person begins with other-gender attractions and then works their way toward their true and exclusively homosexual self – a homosexuality that excludes everyone not clearly of the same gender …

Dan Savage has taken a lot of heat from the bi community over the years. He’s relatively recently modified his stance, and I’ll give him some credit for that, but frankly I am never going to forget that not that long ago he said “I meet someone who’s 19-years-old who tells me he’s bisexual and I’m like, ‘Yeah, right, I doubt it. I tell them come back when you’re like 29 and we’ll see.’” Neither will a lot of other people.

People who won’t forget the ‘It Gets Better’ video where legislators said “gay, lesbian, transgender, or just not sure.” Hells yes I’m sure, thank you very much. (And, to briefly Label War, I think the slicing and dicing of bisexual into bi/pan/omni/pomo/nolabelian is partly to blame for the amazingly affirming “whatever” comments. Back to the show.)

His [Dan Savage’s] lashback, of course, is that it’s our fault as bisexuals that we are misrepresented because so many of us are in the closet – of course, when your local queer community (or the internet for so many people who have no local community) doesn’t welcome you on your terms, when gay and lesbian therapists frequently interpret the presence of any same-gender attractions as evidence that your other-gender attractions are invalid and that what you need to do is get all the way out of the closet and quit playing with nasty fish or sleeping with the enemy (depending on your gender – I assume that genderqueer people have similar experiences), then it really doesn’t feel like it’s getting better at all …

This is the One-Drop rule, the idea that everyone is really monosexual, and if you have any same-gender attractions then you must obviously be gay and therefore faking your other-gender attractions; either deliberate falsification or unconscious repression of your True Desires … The queer community is one that prides itself (or Prides itself) on accepting people for who they are. And yet, if you have attractions to multiple genders, you’re told that you don’t know who you are, that you are in transition, that you are immature and unstable. Bisexuality cannot exist as a discrete and stable identity because to admit that it does, (Oh Dear!), BREAKS DOWN the Comfortable Binary of BOTH Straight and Gay/Lesbian Monosexualities.

Read Full Article Here

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Text tricks.





<sup> makes words go like thiiiiis.

<sub> makes them do thiiiiis.

<small> makes words go little. The more <small> you have the smaller the word.

Same thing applies with <big>.

<u> makes underlines.

Go here for Full  Width.

̛̰̖̲̰͑ͨ͒̌͑̍̿̈͘Z̨̜̲̥̯̮̭͍̳ͧͣ͋̊̋͗Ȁ̪̼̠͎͒ͨ́̚͘͢͞L̸͉̬̻͌̒͑̊̽͡Ğ̝̮̝̗̲ͧ͝Ȍ͍̪̪̖͕̟͈̝̰̆͋̾̀ is found here.

Go here if you want some uʍop əpısdn.
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Calm down, you fucking nerds.

Hot damn Cracked is just destroying it lately.

 ”If you’re calling someone out as a fake fan, what’s your victory condition? Preventing someone else from liking things you like? When your plan is “prevent people from enjoying Superman,” you’re a Hostess snack cake villain, and even more irrelevant to the modern world. When someone appoints himself the World’s Greatest Thor Fan, he needs to understand that Asgardians don’t require defense against cooties. Those new fans aren’t Skrulls. For a superhero, battling imposters isn’t a problem, it’s a Tuesday. And if you think the greatest Thor fan in the world is male, wow, you’ve been using a different Internet from me”

best bit of the article tbh

Fighting against fake geeks is like fighting against unicorns: You’re an asshole, and even if they were real, your stated goal is trying to kill something wonderful.



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