Apr. 13th, 2014

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On the blog Wednesday - Color blocking with @zoyanailpolish pinks! For #TheDigitalDozen monochrome challenge. I LOVE this bright pink mani! #Zoya #ColorBlock #tapemani #nailart

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Hi there! I was wondering if you had any advice or blogs to share, when it comes down to creating your own language?


Creating a language (aka conlanging to the cool-ish kids) is a rather large and strenuous undertaking that will make you laugh and cry and punch walls and marry an alpaca and so on and so forth. The main piece of advice I would offer to a brave new conlanger is as follows: DO YOUR RESEARCH. Learn how real languages work, read about ones other than your native tongue to find cool new linguistic features, don’t “pad” your conlang with things like silly romanizations that are intended to mask a lack of knowledge. Unless you just need a few foreign sounding words to throw around and don’t want to put that much work into it, like this, a lack of research will make me and presumably various other people around the world cringe. But now, without further ado: links!

The Language Construction Kit- this one is a great starter for anyone looking to create a realistic language

Deconstructing Conlanging- tumblr blog that often posts very useful information/articles on the subject

Imaginary Languages- also tumblr; great inspiration for when you don’t know where to go with your language

How to Create Your Own Language- also a great starter

Language Creation Society- for if you wish to be surrounded by other conlangers

Conlang Wikia- more inspiration

Conlangery Podcast- podcast with useful information

There are countless resources online for conlanging, but these are the ones that I’ve found useful so far. And an addendum to my previous advice- have fun with it. Languages are ridiculous and complicated and funny and if you don’t enjoy making them then it might be best to go a different route with your writing. Because honestly, if you believe that English (or any other language) is anything other than a cosmic joke, then you’ve clearly never seen the word “ghoti.”


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