Apr. 19th, 2014

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who run the world- some pro-feminist girl-powered songs

"no woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor"

run the world (girls)- beyonce // we got the beat- the go-gos// you don’t own me- lesley gore // woman up (dave scalia remix)- charlene kaye feat. kalae nouveau // sisters are doin’ it for themselves- eurythmics and aretha franklin// control- janet jackson //gonna be an engineer- peggy seeger // q.u.e.e.n.- janelle monae feat. erykah badu //oh bondage! up yours!- x ray spex // independent women pt. 1- destiny’s child

listen here

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Freezer space is limited.  You’ve already got a Brita with chilled water in the fridge.  There’s no need for your ice trays, right? Think again!  Here are some creative (and useful) ideas for your neglected friends:

Create Coffee Ice Cubes

Next time you brew some coffee, put some in the trays and freeze.  Add these cubes to your next iced coffee drink and say good-bye to a watery, diluted cup of joe!

Repurpose Egg Whites

Next time you need only egg yolks for a recipe, don’t toss the whites! They freeze beautifully, and one egg white fills a “cube” perfectly. Thaw them later for a healthy breakfast, or pore refining mask!

Freeze Leftover Wine

Don’t throw away your leftover wine.  Simply freeze into cubes and use at a later date for cooking.  You can also use in your sangria to add some wonderful flavor!

Create Watermelon Chillers

Puree watermelon and pop in the freezer.  Add the cubes to your water with mint, lemonade, or other types of juice to create a refreshing cocktail!

Portion Off Tomato Paste

So many recipes call for less than a full can of tomato paste - don’t let your leftovers go to waste!  Spoon the remainders into a tray for later use - a standard size holds about two tablespoons per cube.

Naturally Flavor Your Water

These refreshing cubes are a great way to use up an abundance of mint and/or lemon - perfect in a tall glass of water on a warm day or after a long workout!

Make Smoothie Mixers!

Freeze Greek yogurt in ice cube trays to make your smoothies super smooth, creamy and not watered down with traditional ice cubes.

Redefine Jello Shots

Create and portion into trays for an on-the go snack when running out the door to class!

Portion Your Desserts

Next time you make cookies, bake half of them and put the rest into an ice cube tray to freeze. Then when you want to make a few for you and your roomies, just take out a few and bake!

Organize Your Life

Separate your jewelry; use for painting; sort nuts, bolts, & screws, start your own herb garden; organize craft & school supplies; the possibilities are endless!

So what ways do you creatively use your ice trays? Share them with us here!

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like i complain about my mom a lot and all but she just called me because she and my dad were just going to ignore easter this year but then she was worried i’d be upset and then she got my dad to agree to dye eggs with me tomorrow ‘cause that’s really the only part of easter i miss (not that it took a lot of doing, my dad was pretty excited about the idea too) even tho she’s been having a really bad time of it lately with her depression and doesn’t like being around people or doing things and basically i love my mom.

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