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straight women who casually use the word “girlfriend” to refer to their platonic lady friends, i have nothing against you, but you make the world really confusing,

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Shitty People: How should we fix this homeless problem?
Anyone Decent: We could build more shleters?
Shitty People: Nah
Anyone Decent: We could just give them homes, I mean, we have a lot of unoccupied ones.
Shitty People: Nah.
Anyone Decent: Oh we could actually help them with the various factors that lead to their homelessness! Like health care and rehab programs that are actually focused on helping them get better instead of shaming them and locking them away!
Shitty People: Nah
Shitty People: Oh I KNOW Let's put FUCKING SPIKES where homeless people tend to sleep so they have EVEN FEWER PLACES TO GO
Shitty People: Good job us we did the thing.
Anyone Decent: WTF are you a super villain?
Shitty People: *while twirling moustache and petting cat menacingly* First of all how dare you
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“I need a shower,” Pepper says, gathering together a ragged semblance of her usual poise. “And…clothing, really, much more clothing, and don’t even say it.” “I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t going to-” “I know you were because I heard… oh God. I can hear your thoughts,” Pepper says, sounding utterly dismayed. Tony can’t help the apologetic smile that slips onto his face. Hi, he thinks at her.!fic, site:archiveofourown, fandom:ironman, fandom:marvelcinematicuniverse, fandom:theavengers(marvel)-allmediatypes, fandom:marvel, rating:explicit, pairing:pepper.potts/tony.stark, pairing:dummy.&.tony.stark, pairing:tony.stark.&.you.(iron.man.movies), pairing:tony.stark.&.butterfingers.(iron.man.movies), pairing:jarvis.(iron.man.movies).&.tony.stark, ~author:iamshadow21, awesome, character:tony’s_bots

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quoth the raven “I fucking. can’t even. like”

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@teiledesganzen replied to your post “@likearumchocolatesouffle replied to your post:okay but autistic craft…”

I shall now go and find these books!

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but if im queer

and you’re queer

then who’s the straight white protagonist who’s flying the plane?

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Love Is Respect (Digital Abuse)

Love Is Respect (Emotional/Verbal Abuse)

Love Is Respect (Financial Abuse)

Love Is Respect (Physical Abuse)

Love Is Respect (Sexual Abuse)

Love Is Respect (Stalking)

Help Guide


Caring for yourself

Domestic abuse

Chat Rooms 

Survivors Chat

Fort Refuge




Help Guide

Attention Span Test

Attention Quiz

Concentration Quiz


Coping Tips for Attention Deficit Disorder

12 Best Tips for Coping with ADHD

50 Tips On The Management of Adult Attention Deficit


ADHD Medication Chart: Compare Drugs for ADD and ADHD

Drugs Used to Treat ADHD/ADD

ADD/ADHD Medications: Are ADHD Drugs Right for You

ADHD Medication Side Effects, Drug Types, Precautions



Help Guide (Alcohol & Drugs)

Half of Us (Alcohol & Drugs)

Coping and Recovery

Tools of Recovery: Addiction Coping Skills

5 Ways to Deal With Urges and Cravings 

After Rehab: 5 Ways for Addicts to Cope

Addiction Recovery

Coping With Urges

Dealing With Cravings



strategies to keep anger at bay

Anger management: 10 tips to tame your temper

Anger Management: Tips and Techniques

Feeling Angry

Controlling Anger — Before It Controls You

Dealing With Anger

How To Cope With Anger

Anger management: What works and what doesn’t

Ten Commandments of Anger Regulation



Anxiety Quiz

Social Anxiety Test

What are your stress triggers?

Coping Skills Quiz

Anxiety disorders explained

Help Guide (Anxiety Attacks & Anxiety Disorder)

Understanding and managing anxiety

learn more about anxiety

Anxiety Self-Assessment

Help Guide (General Anxiety Disorder)

Help Guide (Social Anxiety Disorder & Social Phobia)

Explanation of anxiety and self help tips 


a list of stress relievers

Identifying and Managing Anxiety

11 Assorted Anxiety Tips for Anxiety Sufferers

How to work through feelings of isolation

Tips and tricks for dealing with anxiety

Anti-stress breathing tips

How to stay under control with severe social anxiety

Coping with social anxiety

Managing Stress

how to help a friend with anxiety

Help Guide (Therapy)

Half of Us

Job interviews and social anxiety

Dealing with anxiety

Coping with test anxiety

Tips for flying anxiety

Grounding techniques 

More grounding techniques 

Even more grounding techniques


Belly breathing

Living with anxiety

Social anxiety disorder self help tips.

Coping with flashbacks

What anxious racing thoughts are like for me

Using a thought diary

Panic Attacks

How to handle panic attacks

Exploring and coping with panic attacks

10 Rules for Coping with Anxiety and Panic

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Help Guide (Panic Attacks & Panic Disorder)

Coping with panic attacks workbook

Rules for coping with panic

Panic attack workbook 2


Emotional baggage check

The Dawn Room

The quiet place

The thoughts room

Stress Analyst






make sand art online





do nothing for 2 minutes


Muscle Relaxation

Mood chart


Help Guide (Anxiety Medicine)

Common Medications for Anxiety Disorders

Guidelines for Medication Use

Chat Rooms


Phobics Awareness 

Healing Well

Anxiety Space



Help Guide (Signs and Symptoms)

Half of Us

Bipolar Depression Quiz



Bipolar disorder and self-help

Living with bipolar disorder

How to deal with bipolar disorder without medication

10 ways to cope with bipolar disorder

Coping skills

Help Guide (Self Help)

Bipolar Support tumblr


Help Guide (Bipolar Disorder Medication Guide)

Help Guide (Treatment)

Chat Rooms


Bipolar World

Healing Well



depression information

Depression Infographic 

Help Guide (Depression: Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Help)

Help Guide (Teenage Depression: A Guide for Parents)

Half of Us

Depression Quiz


How to cope with depression

How to cope with depression 1

Natural depression treatments

Ways to deal with depression/stress

Tips to help overcome loneliness

10 Tips on How to Work Through Feelings of Social Isolation

8 Tips to Overcome Loneliness

Ways to deal with depression/stress

having a bad day?

Make a comfort box

10 Things to Do When You Feel Like Crap

how to find a new normal in the middle of depression

you are not alone in the way you think you are

reasons to stay alive

how to stop trying to think yourself into happiness and actually arrive there

cheer me up

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What to expect with antidepressants

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Healing Well



281 Reasons to Recover

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Bloating, Indigestion, & Feeling too full

Why You Must Eat

Learning to Love Your Body

Tips to Stop Restricting

Dealing With Weight Gain

10 Steps to Bulimia Recovery Workbook

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Stop Hating Your Body

Body Positive Zone

Self Care 101

self esteem

30 day self esteem challenge

developing positive self esteem


Something Fishy

Ways of coping with eating disordered behaviors

The addiction help center


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here’s what you tell someone who wants to commit suicide

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Friends with metal illness?

What to do when someone is suicidal

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Feelings Wheel


Psych Central 

Lets Recover Together

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Help Guide (Coping with Grief & Loss)

Help Guide (Coping with Pet Loss)

Help Guide (Supporting a Grieving Person)

Help Guide (The Five Stages of Grief)


Crisis Text Line: Text “SUPPORT” to 741741

Crisis Call Center Call 1-800-273-8255 (24/7) Text ANSWER to 839863 (24/7)

Thursday’s Child Call 1-800-872-5437 (24/7)

The Trevor Project Call 866-488-7386 (24/7)

National Safe Place Text SAFE and your current location to the number 69866

National Runaway Safeline Call 1-800-786-2929 (24/7)

National Domestic Violence Hotline Call 1-800-799-7233 (24/7) 


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Specific Symptoms of OCD

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Coping and Treatment

Natural Treatment Options

Treatments for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Additional Treatment Options for OCD

Residential Treatment for OCD

Medications for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

A New Relationship to Your Obsessions

How to Find Help for OCD

OCD: Exposure Therapy Versus Medication

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Perfectionism Resources

Perfectionism - a double-edged sword

Type-A Personality Quiz

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Procrastination Test

Perfectionism: the road to failure

perfectionism and procrastination


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How to Overcome Perfectionism & Procrastination

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perfectionists coping with failure



Help Guide (Traumatic Stress)

Help Guide (PTSD)

Help Guide (Emotional & Psychological Trauma)

Mental Help

PTSD Infographic

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Coping with flashbacks

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Schizophrenia: What’s in my head?

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Cut something that’s not real skin

Half of Us

Help Guide

Recover Your Life

Self-Injury Outreach & Support

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Resisting cutting

25 ways to avoid self injury and prevent self harm

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99 Coping Skills: Things to do Instead of Cutting

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Alternatives For Cutting 2

Alternatives For Cutting 3

Alternatives For Cutting 4

Alternatives For Cutting 5


how to stop putting yourself down

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Learn to love yourself

when told you are not pretty

emergency compliment

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Coping with Suicidal Thought

What to do when someone is suicidal

How to help someone who is suicidal

here’s what you tell someone who wants to commit suicide

Help Guide (Suicide Prevention)

Help Guide (Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts & Feelings)


how to get free therapy

Getting a Therapist - a brief step-by-step

Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Therapist or Counsellor?

50 Signs of Good Therapy

50 Warning Signs of Questionable Therapy

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Red flags are warning signs that a potential partner may not be a safe person for you to play with. What is a red flag for one person, may not be a red flag for someone else; to a certain degree what constitutes a red flag can be somewhat personal. Most of the list assembled here is concerned with identifying abusive tendencies in a partner.

Read More

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Ann Dursley has a loving husband, three sweet children, and the mother-in-law from hell. It’s the usual tense dinner with Petunia until the mention of ‘Cousin Harry,’ who Ann has never heard of before, sends her in-laws into a panic and her husband into a funk of guilty conscience.!fic, site:archiveofourown, fandom:harrypotter-j.k.rowling, rating:generalaudiences, ~author:talis_borne, genre:gen, post-canon, trope:outside!pov, awesome

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ME: okay, so here’s the draft of the thing, and this is my estimated time frame for fully implementing the thing, based on training time and managing my other time-sensitive responsibilities.

ME: I feel confident I can get this process in place by the end of next week.

MY BOSS PARTNER: okay so touch base with this other person I want us to implement the final version starting Monday.

ME: …did you just. not read my email? or are you just ignoring all the reasons I said that wasn’t going to happen.

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also my grandparents arrived several hours ago which woke me up and now I’m trying to decide if it’s worth going upstairs to get food and meds or if I should just pack up for work a few hours early and grab my meds on the way out the door.

like. i love my grandparents. but the thought of seeing them and getting trapped in conversation with them right now is one of the worst thoughts ever i do not feel like enough of a person to talk to you right now go away until i can adult.

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arrowsforpens replied to your post:ME: okay, so here’s the draft of the thing, and…

>.< I hate people like that. Good luck

Currently I am kind of a lot like:

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Who the fuck named the Sahara Desert anyway

Sahara is just the Arabic word for “deserts”

You fucking named it the Desert Desert

way to fucking go

chai tea

I’ll take “European Imperialists Who Never Bothered To Translate The Local Languages” for $200, Alex.

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lol productivity

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someday I will again sleep for more than three or four hours at a time, and
lo, it will be most glorious.

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I went to Camp this year with some very specific goals for myself, the main one of which was to push my own limits.

(I’ve had success with the specific-goal-setting method of pushing limits in the past, notably at my first few 101s where I would go with the deliberate determination to try one or two specific new things, with the understanding that I could do more if I wanted to but had no obligation to try if I was too scared.)

I figured camp would be a good time to push some of those limits I’ve been chafing under (most notably some of the sexual limits), because if things went wrong (or, hell, even if things went right) I’d have time and a safe place to recover, with friends who probably wouldn’t mind helping me through a bad case of subdrop, whether we’d scened together or not.

So I went to camp determined to get SOME sort of sexy thing on, because look, I am all about the nonsexual kink and all that, but I am pretty sure I want to have sex at some point (although sometimes I really do wonder about that) and I am not into the whole “relationship” scene so my hangups about sex stuff and sexual kink are just getting more and more frustrating as time goes by.

I wasn’t going to get TOO crazy, though. [MORE] I made myself a deal. I wouldn’t make myself try to let someone else touch ME in sexy ways, because ugh, gross, terrifying, just *no.*

However, my mission (should I choose to accept it) was to touch someone ELSE in sexy ways.

Preferably with them tied up and never actually looking me in the face. Ideally, in fact, they would never know who I was at all! Because fuck if I’m going to know what I’m doing and it’ll be scary enough without worrying about an audience.

But how on earth does one arrange such a thing?

The Wednesday night brothel was my kinky salvation.

I went that night armed with camp cash, determined to do this thing, and then couldn’t figure out how to approach the “madam” of the establishment loudly pimping out her wares because oh god, what was I *doing*.

Luckily, I saw Hedonic_risk, who I’d met earlier that day and really liked. (She’d been teaching Littles how to make friendship bracelets, so I’d kind of automatically categorized her as a Safe Person Who Knows Things.)

It still took me a while to work up the nerve, but finally I shyly approached her and managed to stumble through explaining what I wanted. She then talked to the madam and the madam helped me get set up with an attractive-ish older gentleman - she did all the talking to him and got him set up with a blindfold on before I ever came over, so I never had to speak to him at all.

She had him lie down on top of his hands so he couldn’t touch me and got me gloves, which I hadn’t quite expected but made sense. Safe sex, yo!

And then she left me to it.

That poor guy - it took me a while to get up the nerve to touch him, and the first ten minutes or so was just me sort of poking at his sexy bits and jumping back in anxiety. He must have been so confused.

I got less skittish after a bit, and started to do more touching. It was interesting - not really *sexy*, as such, but sort of fascinating. Eventually I even went back to the madam and got a condom and tried out oral, which was also weird but interesting.

(Side note: The internet and especially fanfic is full of lies. Cisdude parts are not nearly as big as they would have you believe and deep throating is not actually all that hard. Although that might have been just the guy in question, idk. I wasn’t looking all that closely at most people’s genitals, even with as many naked people as there were.)

I did confirm that I like sucking on things, but I’d already known that. It was fun, but still weirdly unsexy - although I wasn’t particularly attracted to the dude to start with and I was kind of riding the high of oh god I’m doing this I’m doing this anyway.

(Also cisdude parts are squishy and they bounce back if you poke at them. Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.)

Then the guy got a cramp or something and I panicked and got the madam. She checked him out and got him helped back to his own cabin and then came over and reassured me that no, I hadn’t broken him; the problem was his stomach and nothing I had touched at all, she *promised.*

(I. might have been a little irrationally worried about that. In my defense, “curling up in pain” is a very disquieting reaction to the very first blowjob you’ve ever given.)

And that was that. Very anticlimactic, really. No muss, no fuss - I didn’t feel *different* - I didn’t even feel like I’d had sex, although sexy things had definitely been going on.

I spent some time after that trying to figure out if it counted as having had sex, and finally I decided it didn’t, at least not for me.

It wasn’t something I’d done *with* someone; it was something I’d done *to* someone, and it hadn’t even gotten me hot and bothered. It had more been like a really bizarre science experiment than anything else, which is sort of weird.

But also really cool.

(Even if. uh. a good portion of me was just kind of idly taking notes for future fic-writing reference.)

The weirdest part about it was how weird I *didn’t* feel about it. I kept waiting and waiting to freak out about it and it just didn’t happen. I *still* haven’t freaked out about it, although I have had more than a little anxiety about writing this post because of internalized slut-shaming-feels.

I talked to a few different people that night, just because I was all o.O and needed to *tell* people, and they were all really great about helping me talk through it and everything.

All in all, I’m glad I did it? But also more confused than I was before.

C’est la vie?

hashtag mkp is kinky
hashtag camp camp camp
hashtag if you guys feel like posting reassuring things about how i am not a terrible person for doing sexy things and/or how i am not a weird person for not finding sexy things sexy you know i would be okay with that like a lot okay just saying
hashtag things i should probably not write about at work

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