Jul. 15th, 2014

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I think I’m going to write a book called “‘Four Hours Is Definitely Enough Sleep’ And Other Lies I Tell Myself”

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if you can’t beat them, dress better than them

did kurt hummel write this

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“#nsfw #i guess”
- Ancient Tumblr proverb (via moonjongups)
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My followup comment to the AO3:

"I’m afraid that for many reasons, including different standards among users about how and what to warn for beyond the Archive Warnings, the Archive is not always a secure space — we advise users to read tags, summaries and notes carefully before proceeding."

My point is that people are using tags that are LIES. Offensive and incredibly user-hostile lies.

Parent/child incest? Not daddy kink. Pedophilia? Not age play.

In fact, the fact that pedophilia isn’t required to have a rape/non-con warning in addition to underage (if the authors have not chose not to warn) is pretty damn concerning, since it IS unambiguously rape.

In the TOS, you have specifically reserved the right to modify or remove tags as deemed appropriate. How is tagging a father raping a son as ‘daddy kink’ not something that merits intervention?

Is it that those wrangling tags honestly don’t see the difference? Because if so, there’s a larger issue here in that your volunteers are perpetuating some really awful and poisonous false beliefs about bdsm in general and ageplay in particular.

I’ll send a separate comment about some of the inaccurate kink tag wrangling, as it’s only tangentially related to this, however I would like to point out that you specifically seem to recruit tag wranglers by fandom whereas I am saying that you really ought to get a wrangler specifically for kinks since apparently the wrangling thereof is pretty hit or miss.

My hope is that this comment clarifies my concerns and suggestions.


[For reference: my original comment and your official response:

Feedback:"Misused Tags

"I read a lot of kink fic and I’ve noticed that many of the kink tags get used in egregious ways (e.g., using daddy!kink as a tag for parent/child incest) and/or get used as synonymns with or subsumed by inaccurate meta-tags.

"Is there a system in place for flagging such issues? I’m particularly concerned about the daddy!kink tag; it falls under the ageplay tag and (since incest using this tag is rarely marked, nor is actual pedophilia differentiated from ageplay) makes it incredibly difficult for those looking for actual ageplay fics. since many involved in ageplay are survivors of such abuse, the generalization becomes even more problematic, no longer just a source of frustration but actively making the ageplay tag an inherently unsafe place.

"I know I for one would be happy to volunteer to wrangle kink tags, and I’m sure there are other fannish kinksters who would be more th an willing as well."

Response:"Many thanks for contacting us about this issue.

"I’m afraid the only tags that have to be accurate (and that you can report to our Abuse team if mistagged) are the Ratings and Archive Warnings tags. You can read the Terms of Service (http://ift.tt/MvDNTX) for more details about what is allowed and what not regarding tagging. I’m afraid that for many reasons, including different standards among users about how and what to warn for beyond the Archive Warnings, the Archive is not always a secure space — we advise users to read tags, summaries and notes carefully before proceeding.

"If you do find a work in violation of the ToS, please report them to Abuse using the Report Abuse form (http://ift.tt/KIgbLP) linked in the footer.

"If you want to volunteer as a wrangler, you can do so when the position is open using this form: http://ift.tt/yx6cqW. Tag Wrangling has just closed a recruitment period, so they might not open again for a few months. We announce recruitment in all our news outlets, though, so keep an eye out!

"Mistakes when wrangling certainly happen — there are a lot of tags in the Archive, and deciding what to connect to what is not always a straightforward process. If you want to report a connection you feel is inaccurate, please contact us (the Support team) and we will pass on your feedback to the Wrangling team.

"Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have any other questions or run into any problems."]

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hey girl are you the bottom of my laptop because you’re super hot and I’m getting nervous

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I know I may be coming off as “ugh ao3 HAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE”, although I hope
that is not the case.

I would like to state for the record that I love the ao3; it is my fanfic
archive of choice and the one I go to first for reading or posting fic. It
is in fact BECAUSE I am so fond of the ao3 that I am even bothering to kick
up a fuss about this.

Over the last year, I’ve seen this sort of mistagging more and more, and in
ever more egregious ways. (I really need to remember to go report the story
claiming ‘no archive warnings apply’ despite it being entirely about a
father raping his teenage son. sorry, “having sex with” his teenage son.)

I just want the ao3 kink tags to be as well handled as the fandom tags. I’m
not expecting perfection, okay? But I think it is not unreasonable to
expect that if people fucking tag pedophilia as ageplay that that shit will
get untagged.

Like, I get that you don’t want to police people, okay. But that is fucking
poisonous shit on all kinds of levels and as a fandomer I find it
horrifyingly worrying and as a kinkster I find it infuriatingly offensive.

hashtag mkp has opinions
hashtag mkp vs the ao3

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everyone’s all for genderfluid cecil but have you ever considered genderfluid carlos

"are you a boy or are you a girl?" "no no, i’m a scientist"

oh my god that’s it that’s what I’m gonna be giving my gender as

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There was a time in my life where I was misled into hating Kristen Stewart and I regret it every day.

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it’s been three days and I guess I’m still processing the (I hesitate to
call it a scene but I suppose that’s the best way of putting it) ‘scene’ I
did Saturday because it all just keeps going round and round in my head and
I’m not quite sure what to do with it all.

I’m not even quite sure what “it all” is.

and it’s something I’m only just comfortable talking about with a few
select people, so I can’t even really just wordvomit here about it.

anyway, I’m not sure I even have the words?

it’s like. I liked it. I had a good time. I just. ????

hashtag kink for kate’s bls
hashtag mkp is kinky
hashtag mkp introspects

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Hey Glee friends, I just got back from lunch — did I miss anythi…

SAME. I just scrolled back through my dash, and it was like watching an episode of Law and Order in reverse. 

In the tumblr fandom system, false celebrity quotes are considered especially heinous.  

Online, these dedicated fans monitor reputable Hollywood news sources to reblog correct information to combat these crimes.  

These are their stories.

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(cis)life hack: announce your pronouns when introducing yourself and make
the world a slightly more welcoming place

hashtag i don’t think i have the spoons to try to do it all the time, but
maybe at least at kink & queer events? i have such a hard time talking to
strangers as is ugh

but it occurred to me that this would be a really good way of proactively
fighting cissexism without the concern of accidentally upsetting people by
asking them what their pronouns are

because as much as I would understand it and be all for it intellectually
I’d probably be kind of upset if someone asked me for my pronouns

as would most people, I think, if they feel like they’re presenting as a
specific gender and then suddenly have that questioned

so this way you volunteer the info yourself! and other people are more
likely to follow suit!


except I probably won’t follow through on this, because I suck like that. :(

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I’m not sure what it says about both me and the education system in this
country that I have won &;multiple&; awards for being basically a nice
person, but this is where we are.

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I am just not sure niceness is something we should give kids awards for????
like should it not be just something we all generally strive for?

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also I even now have to fight the urge to hate myself every time I think
something mean because what truly ‘nice’ person does that????

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(yeah, I’m at work and more than a little bored. sorry about the spam.)

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Girls don’t want boys, girls want high-speed internet and dragons

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[image: photo of a broken spoon, with text at the top reading IT’S A METAPHOR]

at first I didn’t realize there was an image at all because my computer hadn’t caught up yet so I thought the entire post was just the image description and it was the absolute best thing ever.

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