Jul. 23rd, 2014

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likearumchocolatesouffle replied to your post “phone call managed. interrim instructions given. email to regular doc…”

Yay good job! I’m so proud of you!

the on-call psychiatrist thinks that the adderall might be destabilizing me, particularly considering the crash pattern I’ve noticed, so I’m supposed to stop that completely for the moment.

I’m supposed to email my regular doc about the whole sitch but I haven’t done that part yet. >.<

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judearaya replied to your post:likearumchocolatesouffle replied to your post…

adderall destabilized me like crazy, it sent me into mixed moods all over the place :( I hope that going off helps level things ((hugs))

I’m bummed because it was like a miracle drug when I started taking it and still is amazing for the six hours or so it’s active after I take it - I can think and focus and do things, and 90% of my habitual ideation is just gone - but I crash afterwards, and I crash hard, and I’ve been getting worse overall since I started taking it so I guess it’s worth a shot?

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judearaya replied to your post:judearaya replied to your…

i know, it was incredible when it was good, and it was like, my whole brain was streamlined and quiet and focused. But also incredibly manic. Which is not good. Crashing, not good either.

~brains~ ugh

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oh look other people fuck up and suddenly it’s my fault they don’t know how
to do shit they have been taught and have successfully done before

i don’t understand how do you guys consistently &;regress&; like this


hashtag mkp whines a lot

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oh hey check it out
guess who got to START her day with tangerines and reflexive ideation

(sp0iler alert: it was me.)

hashtag the word of the day is tangerines

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that is THREE, count them THREE whole necessary emails you wrote and sent
today! go you! look at you, adulting!

hashtag mkp talks to herself
hashtag mkp is allegedly a grownup

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> arrowsforpens replied to your text post
> Does that include the one to the doctor? Regardless, that’s really good!

It does, in fact, include the one to the dr!

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in other news both my new bras from figleaf and my free julep nail polishes
have arrived!

i tried the bras on this morning; one needs returning but I think the other
one fits. I need to check the ‘does it fit’ checklist on r/abrathatfits.

It certainly makes my boobs a BOSOM, if you know what I mean. o.O

hashtag mkp in real life

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my doc concurs with the on-call doc that it’s probably the adderall fucking
with me. since it was also doing me a lot of good, she’s suggesting I try
vyvanse, which is apparently a longer acting stimulant than the adderall xr
and is less likely to cause the kind of crashes I’ve been having.

so that prescription is getting written and I’ll get to try that out soon.
wish me luck!

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my mom replied “great!” to my email about taking the initiative to call the
doc and get my meds adjusted :)

…which I realize sounds kind of short and stilted, but that’s how she
emails and I am happy because she did not start asking questions about
other stuff that I clearly should have done/be currently doing, which
would’ve been rather unfun.

hashtag mkp in real life

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