Oct. 15th, 2014

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How do you turn 4,515 words of a partially-written fic into more words, in order to get a completed fic, all while having it match your actual idea, the prompt, and your moderately established universe for the characters? 


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yes, because after the stress of this weekend I absolutely wanted to feel sick and shaky and like painful painful death, thanks body you’re a pal

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okay but just think about this

blaine fucking kurt exactly how kurt wants him to while adam’s behind him encouraging him and praising him for being such a good boy and then after kurt’s gotten off and blaine’s been finally allowed to come blaine’s all curled up and shaking in kurt’s lap, completely overwhelmed, and adam cleans him and locks him back up, all the while murmurring endearments and the like, and then finally adam joins them on the bed and kurt gives blaine a slight push toward adam but it’s not like blaine needs the encouragement and then he’s curled up in kurt’s lap sucking at adam’s cock greedily but sleepily and kurt and adam are trading long kisses above him and petting him and praising him and basically kinky as fuck poly is what i’m saying.

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Sure, anything to encourage more fic and art in the fandom! - hey, everyone, the absolute last day to sign up for the Leverage Secret Santa Exchange is TOMORROW (Oct. 15)!

Sign Ups: October 1, 2014 - October 15, 2014
Assignments Mailed: October 20, 2013
Confirmation Emails Sent: December 15, 2014
Due Date: December 24, 2014
Reveals Start: December 25, 2014
1. You no longer have to have an LJ or be a member of this community to participate. You do have to be able to login to the site so you can fill in the application; this is still the only sign up point.
2. Submissions will no longer be made to this moderation queue, but instead to the Leverage Secret Santa Exchange Collection on AO3.org. Links will be posted here to the stories.
3. All submissions will be mirrored on Tumblr.
4. We are going to try being an anonymouse exchange this year. This means that no one will know who made their gift (except the person who made it of course) until all the gifts have been revealed.

[sign up] [any questions/comments can be directed to telaryn]

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The Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanov, aka Natalie Rushman, aka… a bunch of other names that for some reason all have the initials N.R.

[checks paper] Really? They do? You’d think someone would have caught onto that.

In any event, since the leak of the SHIELD documents, the world’s most famous spy has become Congress’ most wanted fugitive. Which brings us to a new segment that we’re calling: “Widow Watch 2014” or “Seriously, she put every alias she’s ever used on the Internet and you still can’t find her?”

- The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, 9 June 2014.
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#if you don’t love blaine we can’t be friends#i don’t make the rules

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I will probably never be over this song.

The thing is, Brittany and Sam are two of the characters who are most emblematic of the “old” New Directions approach to problems.  Brittany is not disabled — sure she has her medications for when she “feels like Eloise,” and she’s remarkably face blind and we always see her with Becky and she always treats Becky as an equal — but no, no, Brittany is not disabled at all.  Just because she displays remarkably consistent traits and actions that sure do look like an actual disability, that doesn’t mean anything.  She never says she’s disabled, therefore she can’t be.  And Sam…  Sam is dyslexic, and yeah it gives him some trouble sometimes, but it’s not really a big thing hey he loves comic books!  And football!  He’s just like you!  The dyslexia isn’t really part of him.  It doesn’t really matter. 

And so they take these two characters, the not-disabled girl and the boy whose dyslexia is no big thing, and give them this song about pretending to be someone you’re not.  The song that starts “Oh, make me over.”  The song with lines like “When I wake up in my makeup.”  And set the whole thing over a montage of the two of them being made over.

And sweet, sweet Brittany (oh, she’s so sweet, didn’t you know how sweet she is?) gets lines about being a walking study in demonology and also being full of poison.

And blond, all-American, ex-quarterback Sam gets lines about being a “might-have-been” and a “never was.”

Also the repeated emphasis on their bringing their “pound of flesh,” given Brittany’s “alien invasion” coming of age story and Sam’s story about losing his virginity because he felt it was expected of him. And that Sam calls himself a “hooker” before he gives himself any other name, and that Brittany asks, “Have you ever felt so used up as this?”

I also like that, before this episode, Brittany deliberately roleplays her own self-immolation (her imitation of meltdown Britney Spears), and that Sam is the only person to catch on to what she’s doing and to realize that it’s 100% deliberate.

I’m just saying — there is a point where the constant litany of “The show doesn’t know what it’s doing and this is all just an accident” starts to read a whole lot like denial, you know?

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Our hands were meant to hold each other, fearlessly and forever.

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Sorry, I can’t work, I’m too busy thinking about a fictional couple.

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This is accurate

me and splickedy

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life hack: deliberately disassociate and put off dealing with ur emotions

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i don’t usually draw porn, but i did it a while ago. maybe it’s not right time, but anyway

 rated NC-17 i guess

okay guys - only because the link isn’t working. sorry if i’m spamming your dash with porn

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wh oops

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A Softer World: 1155

(Alternately, puppies.)

buy this print • support our patreon

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Meghan Trainor covers Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

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