Oct. 19th, 2014

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#that’s it #that’s the plot of the show (via randomactsofdouchebaggery)

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He makes me feel so connected and safe and loved, and I don’t think I’m ever gonna find someone else who’s gonna make me feel like that.

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raise your hand if you’re a queer kid who started out as an overly invested “straight” “ally”

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#let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that#if peggy hadn’t hooked steve with a ride through enemy lines#bucky and the howling commandos and possibly steve himself would all be dead

I feel like this entire sequence isn’t appreciated enough in the first film.  Yes, the “hero wades into danger and rescues hundreds, proving his mettle” is a time-honored and tested trope, and thus it’s understandable that to the average movie-goer it would be brushed off as cliche — admittedly, the first time I saw the movie I dismissed it in much the same way.  But Steve isn’t going after the Hydra base to save the 107th.  He’s going after the Hydra base to save Bucky Barnes.  The fact that he walks out with the rest of the captured men is incidental, the result of Steve’s unwavering commitment to do good, to do the best he can.  When he breaks the rest of the men out, his first question isn’t whether they’re alright, or how they can get out — it’s where’s Sargent Barnes?  The moment that goes on to define Captain America, even in the present-day Smithsonian exhibit, isn’t just a show of selfless bravery — it’s a show of love, of complete, total, and utter devotion. 

Steve’s “death,” days — at most weeks — after Bucky’s in the Alps, is an echo of this same situation.  Before this moment, Steve didn’t want to kill anyone: he didn’t like bullies, and he wanted them stopped. The first time Steve Rogers considers killing to be its own reward is after Bucky’s death, and he takes down Hydra, destroys Schmidt’s plans, ultimately puts that bird in the water, in a grief-stricken rage over the loss of his best friend.

I think possibly the most telling moment in Cap 2 is when Steve tells Fury they’re not just destroying Hydra, but they’re taking down all of SHIELD — that nothing will be salvaged, that complete annihilation is the game plan.  The very first thing that Fury says to him, when confronted with a Captain America who wants to destroy America’s security apparatus?  I didn’t know about Barnes.  He doesn’t even have to think about it — he knows immediately what this is about.  The last time Steve lost Bucky Barnes, he took down Hydra, dying himself in the process.  Confronted with Bucky’s loss a second time over, Steve stands to take out SHIELD in his memory — and just like the first time, there’s nothing on hell or earth that’s going to stop him. 

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i hate monopoly it is like some old white guy was sitting around and then thought to himself, what if we could make capitalism fun? well you tried and you failed dipshit

http://ift.tt/1qtTjCI it was actually created by a Georgist to illustrate the principle that rent makes landlords richer and tenants poorer. She designed it to be incredibly not fun, to show that if you don’t own property you experience an inevitable foreseeable slow dwindling of your resources until you eventually go bankrupt. She figured that through Monopoly people would be so bored and frustrated that they would understand how terrible the system of rent is

Then Parker Brothers patented it, mass-produced it, people bought it because people have terrible taste in games, and the original creator experienced an inevitable foreseeable slow dwindling of her resources until she died impoverished and obscure

society is a horrific parody of itself

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[listens to music] hey that was a fic title

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Congratulations Mr. & Mr. Hummel-Anderson...

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"are you talking to yourself"

no i’m breaking the fourth wall

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How to tuck safely.

So you’re looking for a Bra.

Breast inserts, panties, and lingerie.

Breast Forms.

Passing Tips.

Cheap high quality makeup.

Clothing, Breast forms, and Accessories.

Finding clothes that fit.

More passing tips.

How to be scene/emo and pass.

Pay what you can breast forms and bras.

HRT information guide.

Homemade breast forms.

Feel free to add any that you can think of. ^-^

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People who identify under the genderqueer umbrella often have difficulty finding community, learning about different forms of gender diversity, and accessing legal and medical resources. What’s more, their friends and families often have a lot of questions about gender that can be frustrating and tedious to answer again and again. In this post, I’ll share some online resources created by and geared towards folks who identify as some flavor of genderqueer.

This list is a great start for anyone looking. I second the advice at the end: “In fact, if you explore these sites, you can find further resources under blog rolls, resource tabs, and links sections. ” This is how I’ve found most of the blogs I follow.

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how to tuck safely

so, you’re a trans woman looking for a bra

breast inserts/forms, lingerie, and panties

breast forms

passing tips

cheap high quality makeup

clothing, breast forms and accessories

finding clothes that fit

more passing tips

if anyone has anymore resources, feel free to reblog and add!

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