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It recently occurred to me that it might be best to remove any instances of fandom from my RL journal,so this is my shameless 'I read fic!' account.

I also write fic! Not good fic, by any means, but it's fun. It's a Glee mob!au! With True Love! And musical numbers! check out The Fabfather 'Verse Mainly, however, I read fic. And bookmark fic. Please, please use my pinboard as a resource so I don't feel so utterly ridiculous.
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Recs Disclaimer:

These fics are not always of the best quality, despite my attempts to only tag well-written stories. Some may have poor characterizations or less-than-stellar writing, but every (well, almost every; sometimes I just upload all the tabs I had open at the time without really looking at them) fic here is tagged because either I have read it multiple times or suspect I will read it multiple times. So sometimes there are anatomically-implausible porn fics or completely ludicrous storylines, because they got stuck in my head for some reason or another. 
My tagging system is fairly good, when it's been used to fully tag a fic. However, currently I have several thousands of fics that need more descriptive tagging. (these fics are marked ::needs_tags) They do have summaries, so you may be able to get an idea of whether or not you're interested anyway.
Pay attention to the warning and kink tags!  They're not foolproof, but I do try to warn for potentially triggery or upsetting things, as well as for just squicks.  Always double check with the actual fic's heading, though, because I might not have warned for everything.  Remember, read at your own risk! 

Rating System:

Quick and dirty filter by audience rating. G-PG13 generally means no explicit sex or graphic violence. PG13-R means I was unsure as how to rate the fic, usually due to mature topics or sexual acts not depicted explicitly. R-NC17 usually refers to sexual content, but sometimes to violence or mature topics. (by mature topics, I mean sexual assault, suicidal themes, etc. NOT sexuality.)
for my friend arrowsforpens, who is not into porn or many other things that I read. a quick-and-dirty (and not foolproof) filter for those interested in only gen fics or fics about canon pairings (including canon UST pairings, e.g., Booth/Bones, Doctor/Rose) with lighter ratings, usually from G to PG-13, occasionally veering into R, but not for sexual content in fandoms she likes (see note for detailed list of fandoms).
actual fic recs for Kate / fics with pairings and/or themes she likes

Tag Descriptions - Warnings
Note:  Clearly this is not a complete list of my tags, but I have tried to at least describe what each of my warning tags cover, although I may have missed some or considered the description to be inherent in the tag itself.
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