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Tribute “How to train your Dragon” - What if Hiccup and Toothless had met earlier ?

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Le Dragon Noir - Created by Sandra Chiem

You can also purchase this as a print at the Artist’s Shop.

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 #they were totally those friends who called each other every night #and then spent hours flipping through magazines and reading out dumb quizzes to each other #these little bff’s omg

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I was going to save this for tomorrow, but I just hit 2,500 followers and I am too giddy to keep it to myself.

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Finally!! The words in this were based off of Hiccup’s narration in the first book of the How to Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell. I’ve been working on this for a few months now (on and off) and finally just finished it for the Dragons 2 release. Happy flying for those who are going to see it!!! :)

I had to oddly compress everything because of Tumblr formatting x__X make sure you click the 3 mini pictures after the first/second panel!!!

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First commission for the KlaineCampaign winners!Tirpse asked for Kurt looking at his ring with his head on Blaine’s lap. Excusemethatsmypizza asked for Klaine fluff with a kitten, and I combined the two because they were pretty similar.
I really really really hope you like this ç_ç Thank you for voting for our babies!

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Because Bron wrote this and this. And then she wrote this, and whatever remained of my inhibitions was, fwip, gone. <3

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AU | After Burt Hummel’s unexpected death, his only son Kurt takes over as a crime leader in his father’s place. inspired by (x) and (x)

endofadream’s lovely fic inspired by this lovely lovely post:

like scarecrows that fuel this flame we’re burning - Kurt Hummel escapes from prison and goes to find his boyfriend, Blaine Anderson.

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Original by:

Wowwww….what a lovely color job!

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Amazingingly beautiful.

Kurt wakes first, blinks his eyes open a few times against the early morning sun and shakes the fog of sleep from his brain. He stretches from his fingers to his toes, working the muscles that have become stiff over the course of the night.
Blaine stirs next to him, his mouth open in a yawn and his face digging into his pillow as he tries to hang on to just a few more moments of sleep. He reaches out for Kurt out of pure instinct, feeling his hand over the sheets until he touches Kurt’s shoulder.
“Mmm,” Blaine hums, his voice still sleep-rough. “C’mere.” He sneaks his arm under Kurt’s shoulder, pullling gently, and Kurt goes willingly.
Blaine rolls onto his side so they’re pressed together as tight as they can be, hidden ankles hooking together under the sheets. Kurt slips his fingers into Blaine’s hair, always so soft first thing in the morning.
Kurt presses his lips against Blaine’s cheek, feels the prickly hair that’s just starting to dust Blaine’s skin. This is Kurt’s favorite time of day; when the sun is out, but not too bright. When the city is still quiet, pulling itself out of the haze of sleep; when the day has yet to begin and anything is possible.
The words come out as a whispered breath against Blaine’s cheek, filled with hope and love and the promise of a new day.
“Morning, love.”

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Merry Christmas…the first of many.

1st Christmas: Friendship

2nd Christmas: Blissfully in love

3rd Christmas: Broken, but rebuilding

4th Christmas: Stronger than ever

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So, this is finally what I meant about this whole blog.

Quality gifing. Shh, it’s a word.

And by that I mean that I can’t bring myself to admit how much time I’ve spent on this one but time flies when Klaine.

So tell me what you think!

Soooooo I know I’ve just started out with this blog but I would LOVE some prompts from you guys! This is not a Klaine-only fanart site, my own OTP or shipping does not interfere with your requests, so feel free to prompt me anything Glee if you like my animations and we’ll see what we can make out of it! :)

Until then, stay awesome and don’t stop believing. ;)

(Original reference gif for this one found on the internet, if anyone knows it, I’ll put it here for credit.)

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Part of Starfleet’s new campaign to capitalize on the popularity of the U.S.S. Enterprise crew, this billboard was installed in downtown San Francisco. Leonard McCoy, having not been informed of this beforehand, was not a happy camper. 

(made by me for jim_and_bones@livejournal many moons ago.)

I’m pretty sure that if our local health authority used that poster, the flu vaccine rate would be at 100%. 



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