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Anonymous prompted: Kurt handcuffs Blaine during sex and afterwards loses the key. Cue either the NYC crew or Burt & Carole (or maybe all of the above lol) arriving at the loft while Kurt is frantically searching for the key.

Changed the prompt a bit, as I tend to do, warning for a little d/s stuff and some embarrassment. Both are mild. NC-17

Kurt’s hair reeks of cigarette smoke and his shoes are sticky from the beer and liquor and god knows what else was layered on the floor. The club had been so hot the walls were actually sweating, and Kurt’s ears are ringing so loudly still that he’s pretty sure he’s shouting at Blaine, and a drunk guy even tried to rush the stage and grab the mic from Kurt before a bouncer tackled him to the ground. It was the best gig ever.

“Oh, and the back room was all black, like floors and ceilings and furniture and I don’t even want to think about the debauchery that backstage has seen and-” Kurt pauses, open water bottle sloshing a few drops onto the floor from all his exited gesticulating, standing at the counter while Blaine sits at the table, chin resting on his fist, sweet smile on his face and his eyes trained right onto Kurt’s crotch.

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[MKP: Added a Read More because there are some slight sp0ilers for the fic in both Jamie’s and my reviews; they are probably more enticing than sp0ilery, but proceed at your own discretion. <3]

There are so many things I love in this story, though I actually found it quite stressful, eep. It ends fine, and no one gets deliberately shamed or anything, but there’s a stressful oh shit moment and it’s very embarrassing. Anyway, I like the believably awkward baby-kinkster stuff, like walking around trying to find something to handcuff Blaine to, LOL, and “We should probably have a safeword,” “I think ‘stop’ will do.” And I LOVE how incredibly turned on Blaine is by the whole idea, and all his reactions, and the amazing blowjob and everything. And the nice friendly kink acceptance right at the very end. It’s very well written too!

Everything Jamie said about the baby kinkstering, oh my gosh. And Rachel was lovely - so very matter-of-fact and helpful in a way that people don’t often write but is actually very true to the character, imo.

and god. just. Kurt making Blaine walk cuffed and just touching his back and letting the feeling build —

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Length: 4,121

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Kurt is the alpha of his pack of werewolves and lord of his woodland hall. Little does he expect his life to change in the form of a terrified and scrawny runaway wolf. For the Klaine Bingo prompt “mates.”

Warnings: D/s mostly based around alpha/omega bond, briefest mention of murder.


Before it all started, Kurt used to love the chilly descent into fall, the shortening days and increase in opportunities to dress in as many layers as possible. He was cold-blooded, and relished the turning of the seasons and the arrival of winter.

But that was before he had been integrated into the pack. Before his father had announced him as his successor. Before his first turning.

Now, the arrival of November means chopping wood and salting meat and digging up the last vegetables for the winter, preparing the huge wooden hall where the pack resides for the certain snowstorms and freezing drafts that ravage the area come December. It means less woodland animals around to hunt, less berries on the trees, fewer trips to the town on the far side of the forest. Now fall means long, gruelling days and a chill settling deep in his bones.

The first morning arrives when Kurt wakes up and there is snow outside the window. He pulls on a pair of thick hide leggings and fur-lined coat and goes out to start the day.

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Early!Klaine. 10,400 words. A03.

What if Kurt and Blaine’s early sexual relationship wasn’t quite so fairy-tale perfect, but was more like, well, real life? A different look at early!Klaine’s sexytimes journey.


The first time Kurt has an orgasm with Blaine it is completely by accident. He’s pretty sure Blaine doesn’t even know.

They are making out in Puck’s basement during what was supposed to be a sleepover dance party. But it has unsurprisingly morphed into a perfect opportunity for a group of hormone-filled teenagers with limited alone time to “get their sexy on,” as Santana would put it. She’s not making any snarky comments right now, however, as she is off in a corner somewhere with Brittany, at least that’s what Kurt assumes. He can’t tell for sure, because he can’t see her, or anyone else. Puck has turned off all the lights, and Kurt can barely see his hand in front of his face. Can’t hear much of anything, either, given the pounding of the music someone has turned up to a ridiculously high level. Kurt wanted to protest at first, until he realized that if he couldn’t see or hear what the other Glee kids were getting up to, no one could see or hear him and Blaine, either.

So now they are lying on the floor, almost underneath a table, Blaine’s jacket under their heads. Kurt’s attention is split between hoping they aren’t too close to the puddle of spilled beer he is certain is nearby, and the increasingly heated kisses Blaine is planting on his face and neck. Blaine’s feet are tangled with his, and although their hips are being kept decidedly apart, Kurt is getting more worked up. Really worked up, he realizes belatedly, as Blaine reaches around, shuffling and tugging at Kurt’s shirt. Kurt is doing the same to Blaine’s sweater, but without much success, as neither of them have much coordination at this point. They aren’t drunk, but aren’t exactly sober, either. Kurt gives up on Blaine’s clothes and tangles the fingers of his free hand in Blaine’s hair, left thankfully free of gel tonight, and without even thinking about it, gives his curls a little tug.

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If you want to read something really beautiful and incredibly well-written then you should definitely check this out.

this fic ugh

sp0ilers under the cut, as I want to gush about a particular thing that ~spoke to me~

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Kurt is almost crying now, curled up into a ball, holding the phone tight. “It’s just so stupid, and I made a complete fool out of myself, and you’re never going to want to do anything with me again.”

“Kurt.” Kurt can hear Blaine breathing deeply, trying to calm himself down. Blaine doesn’t like to fight. He gets mad at himself for even raising his voice. “Don’t cry. Please. You know that’s never going to happen. I love you. But you have to tell me what got you so upset.”

Kurt finds a tissue and scrubs his face, pressing his hand against his eyes. “I love you too.”

Blaine sighs, and waits. Kurt sniffles.

“Was it something I did?” Blaine asks, still obviously concerned.

“No. Well, almost.”

“Almost?” Blaine is getting frustrated again, and Kurt doesn’t blame him. It’s now or never.

“The way you were sitting, kneeling on the floor like that, your face was so close to my… I was afraid you were going to put your mouth on me. And I wasn’t… prepared.”

this. i can’t. 

just how REAL it feels. like, i’ve read fics before where one or the other or both characters didn’t feel ready for sex of any kind, or specifically not ready for anal penetration, but i’ve never read this specific kind of line of too much and it just spoke to me because god even without really having had sex i know, just know, that having someone give me oral would be one of the last things i’d be able to get comfortable with and it’s always shown as one of those ‘lesser’ sex acts - less scary, less meaningful, less important somehow -

anyway the whole fic is gr8 and amazing i was just so struck by this one bit i wanted to make sure the author knew how much it meant to me

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Beginner’s LuckPairings: Kurt/BlaineWord count: 2,600 words this chapterRating: Mature for this chapter; Explicit overall.

Summary: Based on this GKM prompt: "Blaine is a sub who works part-time as a professional submissive. He non-sexually submits to Doms to help them with their need or stop their Sickness. Everything is very safe and professional. He loves his job, as he gets to help people and make them happy and healthy.Kurt is a late bloomer, getting his Dom mark after he moves to New York. New hormones are flooding his veins and he’s terrified, as he has no experience, no Dom classes, etc, and he doesn’t know where to begin.” (Read the whole prompt here, though I’ve veered from it in a few places.)

A/N: Thanks to my porn-enablement team, wowbright and damnpene.


When it started, Blaine wasn’t even supposed to be at work at all.

He’d finished his last session for the day, and he had dance class back at NYADA at four, so he still had to shower and change and have a mid-afternoon snack before he walked back over to campus. But he’d started talking with Greg and Silas in the subs’ lounge and he’d lost track of time. All the guys were so funny and kind, with none of the competitiveness or drama of the people he met at school. He’d taken this job because the hours were flexible and he liked getting to help people, but sometimes he thought the best part was getting to shoot the breeze in the  lounge after sessions. Which was where Bruno found him.

“Got a walk-in,” he said gruffly from the doorway. Bruno was a big burly dom, one of the aides specifically there to make sure none of the clients overstepped their bounds. Maybe because he was the toughest-looking dom in the clinic, he was also the most careful about maintaining propriety. He never ventured into the lounge without a specific invitation, not even when the door was open. “The boss wants Devon for it, if you’re free.”

“Me?” Blaine frowned.

Bruno shrugged. “Should be an easy one. Guess you’re due.”

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This story is so seductive. I am particularly taken in by all the allusions to Shakespeare that take place throughout, which I think Shakespeare would have appreciated, prolific writer of excellent fanfic that he was.

Also, it’s adult (in all meanings of the word) and a wonderful exploration into (1) the roles we play in our various relationships and (2) what love is.

holy worldbuilding, batman!
such a fresh take on this particular trope, and so well written ;_; where is the moarrrrr i need it



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2x14 reaction fic; Kurt/Blaine; Words: 1560. A03.

When Blaine came out of the restroom at the Lima Bean, Kurt was waiting for him with a cup of coffee. “I’ve got an extra medium drip here if you’re interested,” Kurt said calmly, catching Blaine’s eye before he went to get in line.

"Thanks." Blaine came over to Kurt’s table, tucked his coat over the back of a chair, and sat down. He picked up the coffee and took a careful sip. "You saw all that, huh?"

Kurt nodded. “I did.” He could hardly believe that Rachel had the guts to just walk right up and kiss Blaine in the middle of the Lima Bean, but she did, and frankly he couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. But Blaine was looking a little shaky.

"I suppose you’re dying to say you told me so," Blaine said flatly, his gaze firmly fixed on his coffee cup.

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anonymous prompted: The first time Blaine goes into subspace

“God—that’s it,” Blaine gasps, squeezing his eyes shut and digging his nails into Kurt’s slick shoulders. He tightens his legs around Kurt’s waist, hitches them higher and squeezes his thighs against Kurt’s hips as he begs, “Harder, c’mon, harder.”

It’s almost too hot to be doing this; the A/C in the loft is broken and can’t be fixed until tomorrow. But it’s a rare moment where they’re both home and have a free afternoon together, and Blaine’s never really been proud of his lack of self-control when it comes to Kurt. Especially when Kurt walks around the loft shirtless and sweating and looking, already, like sex.

Kurt’s breath is hot and humid against Blaine’s slick skin as he drops his head down and laughs, slides his hands up under Blaine’s back to draw him closer, their nipples catching and making them both draw in sharp breaths. The noise their skin makes where it meets is slick, sharp, and Blaine drags his nails down Kurt’s back with a low groan.

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AU | After Burt Hummel’s unexpected death, his only son Kurt takes over as a crime leader in his father’s place. inspired by (x) and (x)

endofadream’s lovely fic inspired by this lovely lovely post:

like scarecrows that fuel this flame we’re burning - Kurt Hummel escapes from prison and goes to find his boyfriend, Blaine Anderson.

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"It's not even the powers that make him a hero, it's what he does with them that counts"- All the Other Ghosts,

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Actual eyelash porn, because this photoset gave me feels. Fluffy, post-sex Klaine with implied Dom!Kurt and sub!Blaine. 480 words.

“Mmm, show me your pretty eyelashes.”

They’re lying together in bed when Kurt makes the quiet, albeit odd, request. It sounds even stranger to Blaine’s ears in his current condition, half of his mind still bobbing out on some distant ocean. He’s only just begun to find his way back to reality after an intense, much needed scene, and Kurt’s got him tucked warm against his side, one hand on the bare curve of Blaine’s hip beneath the sheets.

Blaine makes an inquisitive sound before he speaks, voice airy and hoarse from begging Kurt for release minutes earlier. “Wha—Huh?” When he looks up his eyes are still a bit glazed with afterglow and submission, and it warms Kurt’s heart, sending a tangible buzz of affection all the way down to the tips of his toes.

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Summary: Sebastian needs to be dominated. Blaine is so vanilla he needs written instructions to do it right. In the end, they both get what they need. || oh my god, so even as a die hard klainer i have to rec this story, if only for the amazing portrayal of one partner really not getting the other’s kink but managing to finally give them what they need anyway!fic, site:tumblr, ~author:likeasouffle, pairing:blaine.anderson/sebastian.smythe, theme:kink-themes, theme:kink-theme:communication&negotiation, warning:other/unspecified, kink:impact!play, rating:R-NC17, fandom:glee



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