Jan. 3rd, 2014

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Here is the nail art I created using the I Love Studs kit from Nail Art Society that was curated by me! Make sure to head over to my blogpost for more info AND a tutorial on the matte quilted design.

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My friend who keeps messing up my pronouns got me this as a way to encourage him to get better at it.

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Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Soft Gold Smoke Tutorial

Took a shot at the Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood collection, and instead of doing a typical 40s-50s look, I kept with the flicked eyeliner, flushed cheeks and red lips, but updated it with a shimmery smoky lid in a “cat-eye” shape instead of a “kitten eye”, dewy skin, and dripping-wet lacquered lips.

(Most products used were from Bobbi Brown unless stated otherwise.)

Product note: One thing I’ve fallen for is the Long-wear Cream Shadow Stick. They’re all incredibly smooth and pigmented, plus you get plenty of time to blend and smudge them out before they set. Here I used Tuxedo Black. If you’re not able to get hold of it, use a creamy black pencil.

Tip: This bit of black along the lower lash line makes the “cat eye” look. The main difference between “kitten” and “cat” eye is whether you bring liner down along the lower lash line. Traditional kitten liner runs only along the upper lashes. Liner along the lower lash line creates an exaggerated almond shape which is more sultry and catty.

Tip: To get the perfect, flattering angle to your flick, extend your liner outwards at the exact same angle as your lower lash line. 

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(your suggestion was very sensible, jamie, but it doesn’t fit with my other tags and that’ll drive me nuts)

bi politics
protip: it doesn’t stop being biphobic just because you’re pan
at least we can all agree that monosexuality is just bizarre
warning: just a bit bifurious
another round of the identity olympics

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Advent Calendar Nail Challenge, Day 13: Snow!

Hi everyone! Here’s my snowflake mani for today’s challenge. I need a lot of practice using a nail art brush, and I find detailed stuff extra challenging, so I was happy with how these turned out. More information and a list of polishes used can be found on the blog. 

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The Bisexual Revolution Will Be Tumbled, YouTubed and Tweeted

Major magazines call us “slacktivists”, a generation of social media savvy youth whose sole contribution to social justice causes consist of clicking “like” on facebook statuses posted by various Big Gay Inc … it is most certainly not true for all of us. In fact the internet and social media are revolutionizing bisexual activism in a positive way that is anything but “slacktivist” …

Tumblr has one of the most active and vibrant bisexual communities anywhere online. There discussions are constantly going on about what it means to be a bisexual, how can we phrase and express our desires in a way that is both true and affirming and inclusive of transgender people.

New ideas are constantly created, discussed and honed, in between posts of pictures of Easter Eggs, Sneakers and much cool bisexual swag to acquire. Among the may voices are such notables as Author Jan Steckel; Academic & Author Shiri Eisner; Vlogger & Artist Ritch Ludlow; Editrix Jen Yockney; Bi Blogger Patrick RichardsFink; Writer Jacqueline Applebee; Salt Lake City’s 1 to 5 Club; 20+ years of bi political action on Bialogue; the discerning reader’s delight Bisexual Books; USA’s Transcending Boundaries Conference & Midwest Bi Activist; Bisexual London and many, many more.

Along with well known writers and academics are thousands of everyday bisexual people. There were people living in rural regions like me … There are big city bisexuals … Everyone brings a different and unique perspective to the bi tumblr community from intersecting issues of race, class, education and age, we all have a different and important perspective on what being a bisexual in the 21st century means.

It is on the internet where the original inclusive definitions of bisexual is being promoted and discussed.

Thanks to the internet’s ability to connect bisexual people, everyone has a voice. What had slowly been being morphed into a dumbed down description of bisexuality as “attraction to men and women” or “attraction to both genders” that were being promoted by the Big Gay/Lesbian Groups and their Straight Allies were deemed unsatisfactory.

And it is on facebook, twitter and tumblr that the old inclusive definitions of bisexual such as “same gender and other genders” or "more then one gender” are being reasserted, not only to other bisexuals but also to larger LGBT blogs and organizations.

Conversations about creating safe and inclusive spaces in the real world abound … When I run into a problem with my real world activism I know I can always pull out my smart phone or go to my laptop and post about it and a large supportive activist community will be there to help me out in solving it … 

Far from being “slacktivists” online bisexual activists are often leading the way, writing, theorizing and discussing things among themselves and saving lives with their displays of pride. Resisting blocks on our identity by major corporations and fighting both online and off for a better world for bisexuals is an amazing thing and far from being “slacktivist”.

Click HERE to read the full article

Aud Traher is a Bisexual-Trans Activist, local LGBT organizer, blogger, local craftperson, a member of the Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition (PSEC) and anthropology major living in working in a rural community in Eastern Central Pennsylvania. Having been an organizer in the college’s LGBT Group and noticing the need for similar services that included people in the town and countryside, Aud decided to found a local LGBT Group open to all.

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“So the universe is not quite as you thought it was.
You’d better rearrange your beliefs, then. Because you certainly can’t rearrange the universe.”
- Isaac Asimov (via liberatingreality)
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it doesn’t matter how many pounds you’ve lost or gained

how many scars or stitches you have

how many times you’ve been to treatment and where you’ve gone

how many medical complications you have

how many times you’ve been at death’s door

how many years you’ve been struggling

how many diagnoses you have

how many meds you’ve been on

how many drug cocktails you’ve tasted

or how high you’ve gotten

illness is not a competition

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