May. 19th, 2014

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so I know I’ve done a lot today, but tbh my house looks even messier?

it’s a more organized mess???


well, come hell or high water, I’m clearing off my bedroom floor and vacuuming tonight.

theoretically, anyway.

god i hate vacuuming.

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anonymous prompted: Have you ever considered writing a story about Blaine being self cautious about his body? Like maybe he thought about it in school cause almost every guy in glee club has amazing abs, but now he lives in NY w/ Kurt and let’s say Isabella invites them (w/ Rachel and Santana) to a fashion show and their backstage and every guy is shirtless and maybe Santana (jokingly) says to Kurt to date a guy with abs, and even though Kurt says he likes Blaine’s body but Blaine gets worked up about it.!fic, fandom:glee, pairing:kurt.hummel/blaine.anderson, site:tumblr, ~author:endofadream, rating:R-NC17, warning:other/unspecified

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warnings for bp, dirtytalk, size!kink, daddy!kink, desk sex, loud sex, oversensitivity and just a tiny little bit come play. <blockquote> Blaine had known Kurt was up to something from the moment he stepped inside Blaine’s study.  Because there was no way Kurt would be here when it was so late, wearing one of Blaine’s old t-shirts, smiling and blushing and blinking so innocently at Blaine if he wasn’t having something planned out in his mind.  Kurt tiptoed towards his desk and sat himself on Blaine’s lap. He let his head rest against his chest, arms flung around his neck, his body curling into Blaine’s. Blaine’s suspicions were confirmed moments later, when Kurt looked up at him with wide, innocent eyes, and he let out a soft, breathy whisper that went straight to Blaine’s cock: “Daddy.”</blockquote>!fic, fandom:glee, pairing:kurt.hummel/blaine.anderson, site:tumblr, ~author:takesthesebrokenwings, genre:porn, kink:boy!pussy/girl!peen, kink:daddy!kink, kink:overstimulation, kink:slut-shaming, kink:size!kink, kink:dirty-talk, rating:R-NC17

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kitten-cheeks-fluffy-feets modelling

thattroikidd equipment

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anonymous prompted: the first time bp!blaine rides kurt and goes absolutely crazy because it just hits the spot /no matter/ how he moves and ended up squirting all over Kurt’s chest and stomach!fic, fandom:glee, pairing:kurt.hummel/blaine.anderson, genre:porn, ~author:endofadream, site:tumblr, kink:boy!pussy/girl!peen, kink:squirting, rating:R-NC17, thesetagsareproblematic

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Vignettes from a BDSM relationship. For this inception_kink prompt (short version) - I’m craving bottom!Eames domming the FUCK out of Arthur. Arthur flat on his back, tied up or held down, totally at Eames’s mercy. Eames teasing him, using him, making him beg for it. Double triple points for aftercare! So, Dom!Eames who gets penetrated, Sub!Arthur who penetrates. You know you want it.!fic, site:archiveofourown, fandom:inception, rating:explicit, pairing:arthur/eames.(inception), ~author:apotropaic, kink:d/s, theme:kink-themes, kink-theme:aftercare, kink:orgasm-delay/denial, kink:bondage

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“if you consider a woman
less pure after you’ve touched her
maybe you should take a look at your hands”

(via solacity)

I will never not reblog this

(via nuedvixx)

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i’d like to help you doctoryes i really really wouldbut the din in my headit’s too much and it’s no goodi’m standing in a windy tunnelshouting through the roarand I’d like to give the informationyou’re asking forbut blood makes noiseit’s a ringing in my earblood makes noiseand I can’t really hear youin the thickening of fear

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“NOT ALL MEN must die”
- Men’s rights activists watching Game of Thrones, probably (via sostickaround)
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A Guide to Superpowers

If you are deciding what power your character has, then this is the place to look. Before we look at the powers, we must see from where the powers come from. This can have an impact on what your character does and how the power works.

Read More

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Summary: A day in the life of Chief of Security Cupcake!fic, fandom:star_trek, star_trek:AOS, rating:G-PG13, genre:gen, character:cupcake, awesome, site:livejournal, ~author:teinm_laida, .titleLJ

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(not my gif wow) 

for sam because sam’s a babe who writes the cutest kitty!kurt ever lets be real??

also im doin asks tonight like wow that took a while didnt it


This is so freaking adorable.

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Imagine this:
When she tires of waiting for her saviour,
our princess mounts the bucking dragon that prowls the castle gates
and flies to freedom.

Imagine this:
Instead of her husband’s fur smoothing out into skin, his teeth going blunt,
Belle finds coarse, dark hair growing on the back of her palms,
and learns how to grin through a bloody muzzle.
Instead of waiting, Elizabeth Swann sails out to her husband
or rules the seas with a cutlass in one hand and her swollen stomach in the other.

Imagine this:
Our princess rides her dragon guard from her prison
and feels the wind on her face for the first time in years.

Imagine this:
An abandoned Wendy Darling captains her own pirate ship,
one eye always on the horizon.
Pocahontas takes back her land with a tomahawk
and a stolen musket.

Imagine this:
Instead of punishing his mistresses,
Hera takes Zeus by the throat and squeezes.
After the blunders of Orpheus,
Eurydice carves her own way out of Hades.

Imagine this:
Bored of the same old story,
they invent something else for a princess to do
than be rescued.

- 'Reinventing Rescuing, part iii,' theappleppielifestyle.
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Here are some lists that I’ve found on Goodreads that deal with certain triggers. Feel free to add lists and categories to this list. Also, if you’re a Goodreads reader and know of triggering books, it might be a good idea to add books on them.

Depression, Self-Injury, and Suicide

Depression and Mental Illness

YA Books about Depression, Self-Harm and Suicide

Eating Disorders

Best Eating Disorder Books


Triggering Books

Rape/Sexual Assault

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault

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20 Year Old Lover, #38: First time Blaine and Santana meet. AU where Blaine is twenty years older than Kurt. ~5,700 words, R-ish for Santana’s mouth and mind. Set a few months into their relationship.!fic, fandom:glee, site:tumblr, pairing:kurt.hummel/blaine.anderson, ~author:heyblaine, note:series, series/universe:glee:20yearoldlover, rating:G-PG13

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anonymous prompted: the first time they see porn together (this isn’t exactly that, but. sorry <3) set after 2x15. <blockquote> “Look, I know you said you don’t like it, but I still thought – you might want this.” “What?” Kurt says and furrows his brows, no idea what Blaine’s talking about or why he dragged him off to the corner of Dalton’s hallway to give him a USB memory stick of all things. “What’s on this?” “It’s – you said you wanted something with romance. And this is… I think you’ll like it.” Kurt’s brain only gets about half a second to entertain the thought of Blaine having made him some sort of modern-age mixed tape (completely platonic, of course) before remembering their conversation in his room the other day, and understanding hits him with an oh. His face goes from pale to tomato red to ghostly pale so fast he feels dizzy from it. “Are you giving me porn?!”</blockquote>!fic, fandom:glee, pairing:kurt.hummel/blaine.anderson, site:tumblr, ~author:heyblaine, note:drabble/ficlet, rating:G-PG13, genre:gen, season/series-two

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petition to start calling things “heteroerotic”

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see, self? no insomnia lasts forever! eventually your body just stops being

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okay so I got an email from my mom this morning
they’re cleaning out the attic and they need me to get the stuff i have
stored there (important sentimental stuff, etc.)
she says there’s one box already and that trash day is thursday AM so I
have 3 days to come pick it up and I’m just ??????

am I crazy for thinking that kind of ultimatum is uncool and unfair and
actually a little bit mean?

because I mean I get that she hates having stuff clutter her house and it’s
not like it’s “pick it up by tonight” but she couldn’t even give me through
the weekend????

I have work all week and I can’t come by after work since I get off at 1
AM; I can’t come by in the morning because before I fall asleep is too
early; and generally I am still asleep until about 4 PM when I have to get
up and get ready for work so afternoon is difficult too -

not to mention that I have so much shit to do at home before camp

I just.

I’m really kind of frustrated and upset right now and I sent a reply trying
to explain how unreasonable I think she’s being but it was probably not the
most tactfully worded because it was fairly knee-jerk so she’s probably
going to be pissed off at me altho tbf she probably would have gotten angry
no matter how tactful I was and sometimes when she gets angry she does
really irrational things so now I’m kind of a little worried she’ll pitch a
fit and like, leave my stuff outside or something.

I mean, only a little.

ETA: Just talked to my Dad. He says if it comes to that he’ll put my stuff
in his car and drive it over to me himself.

Pros of having that conversation:

- Reassurance that I am not crazy and it is not just me.
- Reassurance that although my dad will get fed up and just tell my mom
to throw all of his things out when she gets upset about him having too
much stuff he won’t let my mom throw my stuff out.


- apparently trash day is actually Wednesday
- not-quite-crying at work
- getting overheard by a coworker who very kindly offered me a hug and
now dying a little inside of mortification, sweet as it was.

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I also got to vent about how mom will diagnose you with things, badger you
until you go to the doctor to get treatment, and then later decide that
your attentional issues are completely due to your depression and have
nothing to do with you yourself and that you have talked yourself into
thinking you have hypomanic episodes and that basically you think too much
about yourself and spend too much time worrying whether or not you’re
normal and to remember that you’re just not that important.

I did not vent about how apparently I am the hard one to be around because
you have to walk on eggshells around me and because I look for things to be
offended by and am too strident and will therefore rub people the wrong way
and also I should just not care about things so much when they don’t
personally affect me or people I know, because I know that is something my
entire family is to some degree in agreement with and is a whole different
bucket of worms.

I know she’s sick. I know that it’s just the way she is, turned up to
eleven. I know that she loves me and my family and would do anything for us
and that she would never hurt us intentionally.

I just wish that she would listen when people point out she’s being
unreasonable and hurtful instead of getting offended and angry and so damn
convincing that she’s in the right that the conversation ends with you
apologizing for bringing it up in the first place.

hashtag mkp whines a lot

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in completely unrelated news

i made vague plans with someone to try out a kink during camp

and i’m kind of regretting it

because it’s such a stupid idea and i’m going to feel ridiculous and i just
feel so ridiculous and weird and embarrassed of even thinking about trying

and what if it DOESN’T make me feel ridiculous and stupid???

what if i actually like it???

fucking fic writers and their ways of making things sound appealing.
fucking friends and their ways of being supportive and encouraging of
ridiculous stupidity.

hashtag vague mkp is vague
hashtag mkp is kinky
hashtag kink for kate’s bls
hashtag camp camp camp

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"can i come in?"

"i don’t know, can you?”

cursing quietly, the vampire backed away, foiled yet again by the english teacher’s pedantry

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also in TMI NSFW camp-related things!

I have had an IDEA! see. there is this THING they have at camp, a THING
what sounds really fucking amazing and hot and like something out of my wet
dreams if I had them.

(they call it the clitwasher. i think that probably speaks for itself.)

however! the PROBLEM with this thing (okay one of several problems) is that
it involves nudity! or at least pantsless-ness!

well, that puts that in the nope category, I say to me

but what if you wore a SWIMSUIT, says I

it’s so CRAZY it might just work!

I mean there’s still the whole “public” and “sexual” and “publicly sexual”
things to deal with

and IDK maybe it wouldn’t work with a swimsuit on



hashtag mkp is kinky
hashtag kink for kate’s bls
hashtag camp camp camp
hashtag posts i may regret posting

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you know, it occurs to me that my very occasional bouts of severe insomnia
might actually be hypomanic in nature. I don’t feel as cheerful as I
associate with that state, but damn if I’m not just AWAKE for days.



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