Nov. 11th, 2014

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The right thing, even if it’s against the rules

People of more than one gender

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Doctor Who & Text Post Meme

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Overheard —

Can you imagine Trollando giving confession?

"Forgive me father for I have sinned. It’s been 2 years since my last confession. Since then I’ve admitted to crimes I didn’t commit, sold my soul to the devil and stanned a bit too hard. Also, whatever it was… I shipped it"

#And then the priest be like — #Say 10 ‘our fandoms’ #and 2 squees #In the name of Misha Collins #Wiliam Shatner #and the blessed mother Nicole Beharie #I absolve you of your sins my child #Sorry Not Sorry (via @theorlandojones)

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ffs, tumblr, just let me shuffle my queue

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These were way more fun than they should have been omg

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final trailer for annie oh god i’m already crying

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i absorb structures of thought incredibly fast and well, such that i can parrot/manipulate them and appear proficient in no time, and this looks like a strength in academic settings. but it’s a weakness. because unless it’s blatantly immoral, if a structure of thought poses itself as Right i will instantly twist myself into knots trying to agree with it. i can absorb shit so fast. i don’t even realize it’s happening. i could accidentally agree with murder.

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a little comic dedicated to a friend

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Depression is hard to understand, because it is not a consistent state. Depression is rather like a virus, but like a virus, it has its manageable days and its acute, life-threatening flare-ups. You can be in a depression and still laugh at a friend’s joke or have a good night at dinner or manage low-level functioning. You grocery shop and stop to pet a puppy on the corner, talk to friends in a café, maybe write something you don’t hate. When this happens, you might examine your day for clues like reading tea leaves in a cup: Was it the egg for breakfast that made the difference? The three-mile run? You think, well, maybe this thing has moved on now. And you make no sudden moves for fear of attracting its abusive attention again.

But other times…

Other times, it’s as if a hole is opening inside you, wider and wider, pressing against your lungs, pushing your internal organs into unnatural places, and you cannot draw a true breath. You are breaking inside, slowly, and everything that keeps you tethered to your life, all of your normal responses, is being sucked through the hole like an airlock emptying into space. These are the times Holly Golightly called the Mean Reds.

I call it White Knuckling it.


Miles and Miles of No Man’s Land, Libba Bray (via babybirched)

"But the stigma of depression is that it comes with the sense that you shouldn’t have it to begin with. That it is self-indulgence or emotional incompetence rather than actual illness."

(via labioratory)

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humming sound GO AWAYYYY i s2g half the reason i have a fan on 80% of the time is because of the goddamn humming sound that won’t go away like fuck you electronics or pipes or what-the-fuck-ever causes it

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okay that’s all I have so far, the first one is here

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captain america text post meme

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i’m so upset

I just realized that the reason ghosts say Boo! is because it’s a latin verb

they’re literally saying ‘I alarm/I am alarming/I do alarm!!

I can’t

present active boō, present infinitive boāre, perfect active boāvī, supine boātum


if it comes from the latin word, they’re actually saying “I’M YELLING!” which is even cuter

do they speak latin because it’s a dead language

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How to make a successful text post:

find a meme

make sure the meme hasn’t burned out yet

exploit that meme like you’re a wealthy white businessman and it’s an ‘underdeveloped’ country


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Beetles compromise 25% of all animal species. That means 1 in 4 animals is probably a beetle. Is it you? Is it your best friend? How can you be sure?

Ringo could be living in your backyard without you even knowing

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My dream group cosplay: a bunch of Thermians from Galaxy Quest.

Whole group stays in character for a full day. Walk around grinning, address TV shows and movies as historical documents, sit in the back of panels like

And seek out every Kirk cosplayer to tell them “YOU ARE OUR LAST HOPE”

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Disney Villains + Tumblr (1/?)

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Prince Bitchface Hans + text posts

there’s no way someone hasn’t done one of these for the trash prince but I haven’t seen one so here you go

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Is it bad that my main reason for getting annoyed at tumblr updates is “come on, man, don’t make the x-kit guy’s life difficult.”

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Safe word Basics:

Before participating in any bdsm related activity its important to establish rules with your partner(s). Everyone has a different tolerance for pain; along with different levels of what they are comfortable with. To communicate these limits and desires people commonly use “safe words” and hand gestures.

Why should I use a safe word?

The safety of your partner(s) and yourself should be the main priority during any scene; what might be easy for you to handle may not be the same for your partner(s). Using safe words allows the participants to communicate their needs efficiently and quickly.

What should my safe word be?

This is completely up to you and your partner(s) to decide and should be discussed thoroughly before partaking in any type of play. There is no limit to the amount of safe words you can use, but remember to keep things simple between you and your partner(s). A safe word should me short, easily identifiable, and easy to remember. Most commonly used safe words are: green (continue, I’m ok with this) yellow (slow down, less) red (stop). Along with this some choose to use food or counties ex: “banana”, “pineapple”, “carrot”. “Africa”, “Canada”, “Mexico”.

How do I talk about safe words with my partner(s)?

There should never be any shame in admitting to have a limit during a scene, your safety is #1 priority! When approaching a partner about the subject feel free to express any concerns or feelings about your limits; be sure to describe what can and can’t be pushed. If your partner(s) come to you to talk about safe words always listen with a open mind and understand their limits.

Most of the time there are 3 main conversations that any participants should have beforehand.

The first conversation should cover EVERYTHING; express what you have experience doing, what you’d like to try, and what you will not try so that your partner(s) have a good idea of what they’re working with. After this safe words can be discussed and established.

Second is the pre-play conversation. This conversation is normally short and just a quick reminder of what the safe words are, ex: “ok so remember red is stop, yellow is slow, and green is go”.

Finally make sure to check up on your partner(s) to see if any desires and limits have changed (basically repeat the first conversation) this helps broaden the understanding between you and your partner(s) and keep everything safe.

What are hand gestures?

A lot of the time during a scene one may find themselves gagged or unable to speak. A common replacement of safe words are hand gestures! This can be anything from a peace sign to a snapping noise made with your fingers. Just like the safe words you can choose any hand gesture that works best for you and your partner(s).

Play safe, communicate, and always listen to your partner(s) safe word!

-Article written by: BreereeCommission for Breeree and Philadelphia BDSM

as always, I just want to reiterate how good of an idea it is to ALWAYS have a safe signal in addition to your safe word, particularly if a) you know you sometimes have issues communicating verbally during a scene, b) you’re doing something you haven’t done before, c) are with a new partner, etc. as shit happens.
belt and suspenders, guys.

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So one day a dwarf is talking to a human and finally realizes that when humans say woman, they generally mean “person who is theoretically capable of childbirth” because for whatever reason, humans assign social expectations based genital differences. (What a fucked up culture, the dwarf thinks.) But hey, better communication! So the next time the dwarf introduces theirself, they say, oh, by the way, I am what you call a “woman.”

And the trade negotiations just stop. They just stop cold. The tall people insist on speaking to the man, they insist on talking to the lady dwarf about all sorts of irrelevant bullshit, like recipes and childrearing and perfume

so the dwarf goes back home, enraged

and is like “BTW guess what happened, we’re all just going to be men forever now as far as the tall ones are concerned”

and everyone is justly horrified at this barbarism but they all agree to do whatever  it takes to squeeze those tall bastards for all the resources they are worth

and the dwarves get surlier, and the trade agreements less generous

and the tall people are all “what a miserable and greedy race”

but really they’re just still nursing a grudge about how goddamn backwards and sexist the tall people are

because their best negotiator, one of their sacred cave people, got snubbed the instant she said she was capable of childbirth - and a mortal insult like that can never be forgiven

Because Pi’s tags are great:

#yes good #personal headcanon: dwarves have fundamentally misunderstood human pronoun usage #and gender roles #they are very perplexed by it #eventually they went ‘fuck it apparently ‘he’ is the correct word’ #'it's their language and they keep using it for us' #so then you have this situation where dwarves are cognizant of the words ‘mother’ and ‘wife’ #but not the usual use of ‘she’ secondary headcanon specific to Tolkien dwarves #dwarves that choose to bear children are held in high regard #because they are making new dwarves it is the ultimate craft #that’s what mahal did you made a new person #it is very impressive #everyone is impressed

Just as an additional thought, we hear that women dwarves generally stay within the mountain and are a protected, guarded subset of the dwarves. There’s not many of them, so there’s an implication that women dwarves are too precious to be allowed out.

But what if this too is a mistranslation? What if the dwarves were talking to the Men and when asked “where are all your women?” they hit a wall. They whisper amongst themselves, and eventually come back with a question, “What’s a woman?” The Men are incredulous.

"Why, the members of your race that bear children, of course!" 

More dwarven whispering.

They reach the conclusion that Men mean dwarves who are currently pregnant. Well! Of course those dwarves are currently safe within the mountain, well cared for and generally loathe to travel until the child is born. The Men take this to mean that all dwarven women are discouraged from traveling, and that their primary purpose is childbearing. Dwarves find this a satisfactory outcome, especially with the way Men treat their women, and so even when the misunderstanding becomes clear to them they never correct it.

I have never converted to fan-canon so hard before.


may have reblogged this already, don’t care



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