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Project of the Day — Wheely, an accessibility app that’s designed to be a guide for wheelchair users to best navigate New York City. 

Boosting this!

I use a couple of apps which have accessibility info for getting around London and they’re invaluable. This sounds like a really good app for similar in NYC.

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Let’s stop HIV in New York City

If you are HIV-negative, PEP and PrEP can help you stay that way.

If you are HIV-positive, PEP and PrEP can help protect your partners.


Daily PrEP

PrEP is a daily pill that can help keep you HIV-negative as long as you take it every day.

Ask your doctor if PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) may be right for you.

Condoms give you additional protection against HIV, other sexually transmitted infections, and unintended pregnancy.


Emergency PEP

If you are HIV-negative and think you were exposed to HIV, immediately go to a clinic or emergency room and ask for PEP (Post-exposure  Prophylaxis).

PEP can stop HIV if started within 36 hours of exposure.

You continue taking PEP for 28 days.

Many insurance plans including Medicaid cover PEP and PrEP. Assistance may be available if you are uninsured. Visit NYC Health’s website to find out where to get PrEP or PEP in New York City.

This is such a giant step that barely any people know about it seems, so amazing to see progress in the treatment of HIV

I honestly thought this might be exaggeration but the CDC says that PrEP is 92% effective. Damn. Damn.

reblogging because this deserves waaaay more attention D:

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yeah here. say someone knows your email and adds it to their contacts list and they have a tumblr. then they go here

to the lookup page

i don’t know how the facebook portion works exactly. 

the gmail version, you click it and anyone who is on your friends list or that you have emailed shows up like this

Color coded for privacy purposes but

black = blog name. its a click through that links to the blog

blue  = icon image 

purple = email associated with the blog

just from knowing your email, people can now find your blogs and i think that’s hella scary personally. so my personal suggestion is create an email solely for tumblr, do not give it out to anyone, do not send messages to people on it, and keep it only so you can use this account. don’t even let others know what it is.

that’s my suggestion to keep the maximum privacy
hope it helps

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On an agreed day (maybe a week from today, Sunday 2nd November to allow for awareness) everyone in support of a black widow movie tweets marvelentertainment using the hashtag #BlackWidowMovie demonstrating the wide fan base in favour of it. It’s a small gesture to be sure, but who knows. Encouragement doesn’t hurt. And mentioning that DC have female and people of colour led movies in the works can’t hurt either.

This could be a stupid idea, but any takers? markruffalo - care to help out?

Let’s do this, everyone! Mark your calendars and tweet your support for a Black Widow film on November 2nd!

Oh hey I’m off work the 2nd. I can do this thing!

I will get a twitter for this.

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Sure, anything to encourage more fic and art in the fandom! - hey, everyone, the absolute last day to sign up for the Leverage Secret Santa Exchange is TOMORROW (Oct. 15)!

Sign Ups: October 1, 2014 - October 15, 2014
Assignments Mailed: October 20, 2013
Confirmation Emails Sent: December 15, 2014
Due Date: December 24, 2014
Reveals Start: December 25, 2014
1. You no longer have to have an LJ or be a member of this community to participate. You do have to be able to login to the site so you can fill in the application; this is still the only sign up point.
2. Submissions will no longer be made to this moderation queue, but instead to the Leverage Secret Santa Exchange Collection on Links will be posted here to the stories.
3. All submissions will be mirrored on Tumblr.
4. We are going to try being an anonymouse exchange this year. This means that no one will know who made their gift (except the person who made it of course) until all the gifts have been revealed.

[sign up] [any questions/comments can be directed to telaryn]

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Marlique Week is a week dedicated to Marley Rose and Unique Adams’ delightful and fabulous relationship!

It will be from November 3rd til November 9th.


Day One: Canon Wish

Day Two: Future Headcanon

Day Three: Crossover/AU

Day Four: Poly (marlique + other characters

Day Five: Different Era

Day Six: Free Day

Day Seven: First Time (kiss, date, confessing feelings, etc..)


Make sure to tag marlique week stuff #marliqueweek as well as #marlique

If you do not want to post anything on your own blog for any reason at all but still wish to participate, feel free to submit your entry to this blog anonymously.

Accepted entries: GIFsets, graphics, fanart, fanmixes, picsets and others. Be Creative and Express your love for the ship anyway you can!

If you miss some days and/or are unable to participate in the week for any reason, you can still make things for marlique and place them in the #marliqueweek and #marlique tags or sumbit them to this blog whenever you get the chance. The tags can never have too much prettiness in it! :)

Anyone and Everyone are welcomed and encouraged to participate

Although most of you know this but just a reminder: transphobia, transmisogynoir, cissexism and misgendering WILL NOT be tolerated. This week, and blog, is to celebrate these beautfiul characters and their relationship, things referring to Unique other than who she is are not allowed and will not be reblogged.

If anyone has any questions or need any clarifications at all, feel free to ask!

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Hey there,

Exciting news! The Internet Slowdown net neutrality protest planned for September 10th is really taking off. This morning, a dozen of the world’s largest websites announced that they’re joining in a big way. Sites you know and love like Etsy, Kickstarter, Wordpress, Vimeo, Mozilla, Namecheap, Foursquare, imgur, and reddit.

Will you join too?

Everyone has a role in the Internet Slowdown. Click here to find out what YOU can do.

Oh, but that’s not all that happened this morning. Just a few hours ago I got a phone call from a number in Washington, DC. The person on the other end tried to ask some questions without identifying themselves, but when I asked outright they told me they were from NCTA — yep, as in the National Cable Television Association, aka Comcast’s lobbying army.

 They wanted to know when we would be announcing the names of the companies participating in the September 10th net neutrality protest. I suggested they take a look at the front page of The Guardian, or at this op-ed by the CEO of Etsy in Wired, and mentioned they may want to check out this TIME Magazine article. Then I hung up.

After the call, I couldn’t stop smiling. I’ve been organizing for many years and one thing I’ve learned is that powerful enemies only start contacting you when they’re scared. If they don’t think you’re being effective, they ignore you.

Friends, we are giving some of the most powerful interests in the world a run for their money. And they have tons of money. We’ve got Comcast & company shaken up and scared. This is our chance to to drive the message home and win this once and for all.

All the tools you need for the battle are here:

If you’ve got a website, blog, or Tumblr run the “slowdown” widget on your site to symbolically show your users a “loading” message and help people understand what the Web could be like without net neutrality. If you don’t have a site, change your profile pic to the “loading” symbol, so that the entire Internet is alive with protest on September 10th, and forward this email to everyone you know to spread the word.

The truth is, unlike Comcast and their cronies, we have nothing to hide. A report from the Sunlight Foundation yesterday showed that 99% of comments the FCC has received are in support of net neutrality. The public agrees, and hell hath no fury like the Internet scorned. As I write this email, I’m feeling more hopeful about our chances of victory in the battle for net neutrality than I have since we started this fight.

Last chance. We need you for the Internet Slowdown on September 10th. Are you in?

We can win this, and when we do, it’s a victory we can put in the history books.

For the Internet,
-Evan Greer at Fight for the Future

P.S. Our friends at Namecheap are really throwing down in the fight for net neutrality. Check out the awesome video they just put up at (nice URL right?), wait til you get to the part where people are riding on toilets chasing wall street bankers up a bike ramp.

P.P.S. There’s still time to get your very own #TeamInternet t-shirt or hoodie. Go here and reserve yours before they’re gone!

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Okay there’s a lot of different posts with multiple links each on how to help and some of them overlap so I’m just gonna compile all the relevant links I can think of here:

Share this post on how to make a tear gas mask

Share this post on your rights and how to react/respond when you are approached by legal authorities

Donate to/share the legal fund for arrested Ferguson protesters

Attend one of/share info for the National Moment of Silence for Victims of Police Brutality vigils

Donate to/share #FeedFerguson, which will help feed families and children who get most of their food from school (which has been closed until further notice)

Donate to/share the Michael Brown Memorial Fund

Watch/Share videos of the events in Ferguson

Read/Share these related and/or directly relevant articles

Read/Share this post listing details of the five most widely observed instances of racist police violence in the past three weeks

Sign this petition to prompt President Obama to enact new federal laws to protect citizens from police violence/misconduct

Contact the Ferguson Police Department and seek information on those being detained, the protests, legal procedures, etc.

Ferguson Police Department
Email (taken off the site)
222 S. Florissant Road Ferguson, MO 63135
Ph: 314-522-3100 Fx: 314-524-5290

DO NOT reblog photos of Mike Brown’s body lying on the street. His family has requested that these photos not be spread around. Please respect their wishes.

Very importantly, stay alert. Read everything you can on the subject. The reports on The New York Times, Al Jazeera, and other news outlets are very limited, especially because the police in Ferguson are going to great lengths to keep reporters out. Seek out what you can online and from first hand sources, if you know anyone in the area. Listen to the stories of those who have been affected by this tragedy and other similar ones. Educate yourself as much as you possibly can so you can help make sure the right people are heard.

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I keep thinking, as I work my way through writing a long fic over this equally long Glee hiatus, that it seems a shame that for people newer to fandom, especially people who have only been Glee fans on tumblr, it’s so hard to go back and find old fics from years ago.  There’s the AO3, of course, but you have to know there what you’re looking for, and too many writers never post their fic there at all.

So, in the spirit of getting the most out of this last Glee hiatus and keeping the fandom strong and excited going into our final season (noooooooo), I propose that we re-post fics of ours that either we never posted on tumblr or haven’t posted in a long while.

I know a lot of older fics will have been jossed by canon and that our writing skills may have improved since they were first written, but I know out of the one hundred forty-nine Glee fics I’ve posted - yikes - I can find some that I feel excited about sharing again.

I hope you can find some of your own stories, too.

So I propose not so much of a meme as an idea.  Let’s re-announce some of our old fics, the ones we smile to think back on writing, the ones we wish more people have read, the ones we’re proud of for one reason or another.  And let’s favorite rec older fics from beloved authors, too!  Let’s remind ourselves how great being a part of this creative, thriving fandom was and is.

What do you say?  Are you in? :)

I’m in!

This is a lovely idea! I’m in! Absolutely! Let’s do this.

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Suicides go up when a famous person dies after losing their battle with mental illness. If you’re thinking of suicide, call 800-283-8255. (x)

Just wanted to add these links for hotlines in countries other than the US, too (taken from this post):

Argentina Suicide Hotlines

Armenia Suicide Hotlines

Australia Suicide Hotlines

Austria Suicide Hotlines

Barbados Suicide Hotlines

Belgium Suicide Hotlines

Botswana Suicide Hotlines

Brazil Suicide Hotlines

Canada Suicide Hotlines

China Suicide Hotlines

Croatia Suicide Hotlines

Cyprus Suicide Hotlines

Denmark Suicide Hotlines

Egypt Suicide Hotlines

Estonia Suicide Hotlines

Fiji Suicide Hotlines

Finland Suicide Hotlines

France Suicide Hotlines

Germany Suicide Hotlines

Ghana Suicide Hotlines

Gibraltar Suicide Hotlines

Hong Kong Suicide Hotlines

Hungary Suicide Hotlines

India Suicide Hotlines

Ireland Suicide Hotlines

Israel Suicide Hotlines

Italy Suicide Hotlines

Japan Suicide Hotlines

Liberia Suicide Hotlines

Lithuania Suicide Hotlines

Malaysia Suicide Hotlines

Malta Suicide Hotlines

Mauritius Suicide Hotlines

Namibia Suicide Hotlines

Netherlands Suicide Hotlines

New Zealand Suicide Hotlines

Norway Suicide Hotlines

Paupua New Guinea Suicide Hotlines

Philippines Suicide Hotlines

Poland Suicide Hotlines

Portugal Suicide Hotlines

Russian Federation Suicide Hotlines

Somoa Suicide Hotlines

Serbia Suicide Hotlines

Singapore Suicide Hotlines

South Africa Suicide Hotlines

South Korea Suicide Hotlines

Spain Suicide Hotlines

Sri Lanka Suicide Hotlines

St. Vincent Suicide Hotlines

Sudan Suicide Hotlines

Sweden Suicide Hotlines

Switzerland Suicide Hotlines

Taiwan Suicide Hotlines

Thailand Suicide Hotlines

Tobago Suicide Hotlines

Tonga Suicide Hotlines

Trinidad and Tobago Suicide Hotlines

Turkey Suicide Hotlines

Ukraine Suicide Hotlines

United Kingdom Suicide Hotlines

United States Suicide Hotlines

Zimbabwe Suicide Hotlines

online chat-based services:IMAlive

IMAlive is an online crisis center which is part of the the Hopeline Network, the first online crisis service with 100% of its professionally supervised volunteers trained in crisis intervention. Our goal is to use the Internet to provide crisis intervention to people in crisis online and empower them to take the necessary next steps to address their situation.

7 Cups of Tea

7 Cups of Tea is an on-demand emotional health and well-being service. Our bridging technology anonymously & securely connects real people to real listeners and online counselors in one-on-one chat sessions or phone calls. You also have the option of talking with therapists for counseling online or online therapy. Anyone who wants to talk about whatever is on their mind can quickly reach out to a trained, compassionate active listener through our network. We have hundreds of listeners who come from all walks of life and have diverse experiences. Whatever obstacles life may throw your way - whether it’s depression, anxiety, relationship troubles, or any others, 7 Cups of Tea has someone for you to talk to.

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Necklace fake-calls wearers’ mobiles as an excuse to leave uncomfortable situations

Women experience street harassment on a regular basis, but it takes many forms — some subtle and some less so. We’ve already seen Cuff jewelry include a discreet smart rape alarm that can be activated in the case of an actual street attack, but now Guardian Angel is a necklace or bracelet that can trigger a fake call to wearers’ cell phones to give them an excuse to remove themselves from an uncomfortable situation. READ MORE…

Or they could just say you creep me the fuck out and then leave?..

Not everyone can say “leave me alone you freak”. I’m sure women were attacked for saying that.

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So again, in case you’ve missed earlier posts, there’s this person reposting fan art and photo edits and manips on their IG and tagging Darren and Chris and pretending to own a lj account that isn’t theirs either and so basically we should go and report them and/or tell them to stop this immediately. Makes me want to stop drawing fan art altogether, ffs.


How dare you? In particular these drawings?!! 

I’m also going to tag


in this, because it’s her LJ they are falsely linking to & she should know about it. (Man, this is almost making me want to get an Instagram account, just so I could give that person a piece of my mind…)

oh hey, I missed that this is already floating around! Two posts works for me. Because I am SO ANGRY THAT THEY ARE LINKING TO MY ACCOUNT.
like, ffs, why me?

I am getting all turned around trying to figure out the reporting system on instagram so if someone could give me step-by-step instructions that would be great! if not, just. report them yourselves and continue to signal boost? not on.

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Ok, so guys I want to clarify something and ask for help. 

This instagram account is re-blogging fan art without crediting, and tagging Chris and Darren, which is something I DO NOT condone. I don’t agree with art/fic being re-blogged without crediting the artists and a *REALLY* disagree with them tagging actors who have expressed discomfort with RPF fic/art featuring them. 

What really upsets me though is that they’ve linked to my Livejournal in their profile. They linked to a story I thought I’d taken down that I am really uncomfortable with. I’ve deleted it (although I thought I had?? That’s totally my fail), but I want to clarify that THIS IS NOT MY ACCOUNT. I am in NO WAY affiliated with them. Anyone who is following (they have almost 2k folowers), please know that this is NOT MY INSTAGRAM in any way. An artist contacted me thinking this was my account, asking me to delete their art because they weren’t credited and felt that their art was being stolen. Obviously we worked it out when we talked and I clarified that it wasn’t my account. If there are any other artists whose art has been posted, I encourage you to report this account. Honestly I’m going to encourage anyone to do it. 

And that is the end of my angry rant. Please reblog and signal boost this post if you are up for it, because I really want people to know I have nothing to do with this AND I strongly disagree with posting art and not crediting AND tagging the actors, which I honestly find reprehensible and gross. 

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(warnings for: eugenics, mentions of abuse and murder, lots of capslock)


Something happened recently. You may have heard of it. You may not have heard of it. You may not know why it’s important. But it is.

GOOGLE is now partnered with an organization called AUTISM $PEAKS* on a project to create a DATABASE of the GENOMES of AUTISTIC PEOPLE and their FAMILIES.

“Why is this important?” you may ask. “Why should we care?”


This database will include TWELVE THOUSAND people’s genetic data! It will be available to researchers, scientists, and maybe even the general public (2). That’s a huge breach of PRIVACY! But that’s not the worst part!

This database will be used to find a “CURE” for autism (3)! “But why is that bad? Isn’t autism that one thing where you can’t speak and act like a weirdo? Wouldn’t not being autistic make everything easier?”

AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER is actually a diagnosis based on a collection of TRAITS that result from experiencing the world in a DIFFERENT WAY. There are many autistic traits, such as: being non-verbal; having something called a special interest; info-dumping; being really good at something (being a savant); not understanding social cues, body language, or sarcasm; doing something called stimming (which is short for self-stimulation, and before you get dirty means flapping arms, tapping fingers, bouncing, rocking, humming, basically soothing behaviors that make us look autistic!); or having comorbid disorders which often come with autism, like ADHD, bipolar disorder, sensory processing disorder, alexithymia, dyslexia or dyspraxia. There are also many more traits associated with autism! (8) (9) (10)

Autistic people are all different, and all have different combinations of these traits to different degrees, but we all have being autistic in common. The important thing to remember is that AUTISTIC PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE TOO, and just because we think differently does not mean there is something wrong with us! We think non-autistic people, who we call allistic people for the sake of simplicity, are weird too! The problem is that allistic people have a lot of POWER over autistic people’s lives and choices, and think that some autistic people using assistive devices or requiring care means those autistic people are INCAPABLE OF MAKING THEIR OWN DECISIONS.

Autistic people are MURDERED, often by their families or other caregivers, and allistic people excuse that by saying that it must be so hard for the families to deal with their child being autistic (12)! Autistic people are ABUSED into acting like allistic people using something called APPLIED BEHAVIORAL ANALYSIS (ABA), and allistic people excuse that by saying that it’s for their own good, really, that they won’t be able to function without learning to be allistic (11)!

I know this all sounds really scary! And it is! You might be thinking, “But I would never do that!!” And that’s GREAT! The problem is that a lot of people WOULD do that, and DO do that, and think it’s OKAY TO HURT THEIR CHILDREN to make them seem “NORMAL”.

The thing is, “treatments” for autism DON’T WORK. Autistic people are autistic, and it’s something inherent in every one of us (13). Trying to “cure” autism generally means trying to KILL AUTISTIC PEOPLE so there are less of us!

This is very similar to developing a PRE-NATAL TEST for autism, which this database will also be used for (2). A PRE-NATAL TEST means you would know before your child is born whether or not they’re autistic.

Raising an autistic child is not that different from raising an allistic child. They are just different from you, and will need things that maybe you didn’t need. They also might not need things that you needed. Most importantly, autistic babies are not very different at all from allistic babies! You wouldn’t need to know before the baby is born if you need to set up special autistic things. You would only need to know if your child was autistic when they needed extra support!

So WHY do we need a pre-natal test?

The answer can be found in the statistics about Down Syndrome pre-natal tests.

If a baby has Down Syndrome, they are WAY MORE LIKELY to be ABORTED than a baby without Down Syndrome (7)! Abortion is a controversial issue, and I am not saying anything about abortion itself. But aborting a child JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE DISABLED when otherwise it would be a wanted pregnancy is very close to eugenics (which I will explain more about later) and ableism (the oppression of disabled people). You may think that disabled people have such a hard time in life that just not having them is a better idea than having them! And I will talk about that later. But many of these abortions are pushed for by doctors who give their patients all of the bad information and none of the good! The pregnant people in question don’t get to know the whole story, and they don’t get to hear the stories of those who are disabled in this way. They don’t get to give INFORMED CONSENT about their abortion because they are NOT INFORMED! They are just told how sad it is that their child will be disabled, and how terrible it will be for them and for society. They are encouraged to abort their disabled child instead of inflicting them on the world (5). This is related to something called eugenics.

Eugenics is the idea of improving the genetic quality of the human race by promoting the production of positive traits and reducing the production of negative traits. It began in Europe in the mid-eighteen-hundreds, and advocated (and performed) the sterilization and removal from the gene pool of people with negative traits. These negative traits were often things related to having mental illness, being physically disabled or neurodivergent/neuroatypical (being different mentally), being of non-white races, or being gay. Eugenics as a philosophy has resulted in the forced STERILIZATION, ABORTION, EUTHANASIA, and GENOCIDE of millions of people! It was one of the main things ADOLF HITLER was trying to do (6)!

I know bringing up Hitler will end a conversation. But HEAR ME OUT.

Telling people that it’s so sad that their child will be disabled, that their child will never be “normal” (whatever that is supposed to be), that their child will lead an unhappy life — that is NOT THE WHOLE STORY! Many disabled people have led happy, fulfilling lives! The problem is that new parents are often told nothing about how their child could be happy, and all about the possible difficulties they’ll face, some of which can be avoided or mitigated (14).

Developing a pre-natal test for autism will only cause more autistic babies to be aborted for being autistic, and continue the OPPRESSION, SILENCING, and DEHUMANIZATION of a group of people. HUMAN PEOPLE. Who are KILLED just for being WHO THEY ARE.

That is what Autism $peaks is advocating and has advocated for years (15). They recently pressured Congress not to pass a bill giving autistic people more voice (1). They say they speak for us when in reality, they speak to silence us (15). Autistic people are the only ones who can make decisions about their lives. Can you imagine your parents taking total control of your whole life? Can you imagine them deciding that, because of something inherent to you, you aren’t able to make the choices that will impact your life most? Can you imagine not being told about relationships or sex because it’s expected that you will never have those things? Can you imagine having tape put over your mouth every time you try to speak up, because you couldn’t possibly understand what they’re talking about? These are all things that have happened to autistic people.

Can you imagine going to another planet and being expected to instantly understand everything — the language, the body language, what’s an insult and what isn’t, what’s a joke and what isn’t, what people think of you based on what kind of things they do or say? Can you imagine being completely alone on that planet, with no one who understands why you do the things you do, with no one who understands you and your language, and no one who will make the effort to? Even if you spend years pretending to be from the planet you traveled to, you will always be different, and even if you act like the people from that planet, you will never really have an intuitive understanding of things and you will never be from that planet. That’s what being autistic is like when no one understands.

Autistic people, no matter what they can or cannot do, are people. By saying they want a cure for autism, Autism $peaks is saying they want to kill me and people like me. By compiling this database of autistic genes, Google and Autism $peaks are furthering a cause that will end me and the people who understand me.

That’s why you should care.

“So?” you ask. “What can we do?”


Boycotting Google is pretty much impossible! They have made themselves part of everyone’s lives! Boycotting Autism $peaks is already happening, but doing that is good too! The problem is that boycotts aren’t making enough impact! What we really need to do is make this a HUGE DEAL.

Post on Twitter. Post on Facebook. Post on Tumblr. Look for stuff written by autistic people about being autistic! There is a starting list at the bottom of this. Read all you can about autism and Autism $peaks! Raise awareness about this!

Organize a rally! Talk to your government representatives! Use the privilege of being listened to that you have because of being allistic to raise up the voices of autistic people!

We cannot do this alone. We are but a small fraction of the population that those who hate us and discriminate against us and abuse us are already used to silencing. The sad truth of it is, if it’s allistic people talking, allistic people listen to them. Please, speak up. Speak up to those who would eradicate us. Speak up and use your voice to trumpet our truths to the world.

We are autistic, we are disabled, but most importantly we are human. And we are not alone.


*Autism $peaks gains traffic from people using their name — thus, this solution, of being clear without generating traffic for them. The name of the organization is actually with an S.



goldenheartedrose’s post about A$ is a lot more eloquent than I would be about why they’re terrible, aside from this incident. (Their blog in general is a lot about autism, but be warned about swearing! You can check their tag for autism as well as their Autism 101 page and their list of resources!)

queerability is also a pretty cool blog, specifically about the intersection of disability and qu**rness!

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network, also known as ASAN, one of the only autism organizations made of autistic people

Ask an Autistic, a blog where you can ask questions regarding autism!

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking, blog posts written by autistic people. specifically this.

Just Stimming…: The Obsessive Joy Of Autism - This post especially, but the rest of their blog too!

Musings of an Aspie, a blog by a woman with autism. Start with her Essential Reading page.

Awareness versus Acceptance: Do Words Matter?

Autistic Hoya


CITATIONS and other INTERESTING STUFF (general trigger warning on these links for the terrible things that happen to autistic people): (please note this link and the link before lead to A$, so proceed with caution!) (this website uses a lot of gendered language, a lot of which is not really relevant, but it’s very useful!) (please note this site in general may contain swearing, but this page does not)

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[Image: A photoset of 18 disabled characters from various forms of media, they are Tyrion Lannister, Kaname Tousen, Barbara Gordon, Sherlock Holmes, Bran Stark, Hodor, Abed Nadir, Bella Crawford, Hermann Gottlieb, Newt Geiszler, Lysa Arryn, Walter White Jr, Charles Xavier, Paninya, Nick Fury, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, Nan and Stacker Pentecost.]

Hey, everyone! Too often, disability gets ignored, and disabled characters are too often left unsung. This July, we want to celebrate disability in fandom!


July 1 - July 31


Any fanwork is welcome, whether it’s meta, fanfic, graphics, playlists, reclists, videos etc. Anything goes!  

We do ask that you prioritize canonically disabled characters first, but disabled interpretations are always welcome!


Tag your work with #disabilityfest so we and other people can find your post celebrating disability!

Reblog this post so people know about #disabilityfest!

I had no idea this existed! It’s awesome!

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anyway here’s a whole bunch of trans-friendly rape recovery hotlines and clinics 

Seriously, thank you!

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Uhm… whatever, just an idea, related to the com-share idea Ouro posted x’D

This is a really good idea.

I like this idea! Someone get to it!

holy crap this sounds like a really great idea!


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~~~~~~~SIGNAL BOOST!!!~~~~~~~~

For anyone who is facing a mountain of debt after they graduate check out this amazing idea:

"SponsorChange has created a mutually-beneficial initiative that provides people power for high-impact non-profits in need, while simultaneously helping to relieve students of their ever-impending debt."

check out this link for more info —->




On a related note, if you work for a not for profit in a paid capacity, you are eligible to have the balance of your loans forgiven after ten years of income-based payments.

There are some caveats, but I’ve written a guide for how to get enrolled in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program here.

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Hey all. 

As you may know, YouTube gives channels the capability of uploading caption tracks to their videos, and these tracks are invaluable to all kinds of people. Captions allow deaf and hard of hearing YouTube users the ability to enjoy videos to the fullest extent; captions clarify words or phrases that might be difficult to understand when spoken aloud; captions enable users to find phrases or quotes via searches, and so on.

An impressive amount of vlogbrothers-related videos have already been transcribed, and I’m in the process of uploading those transcriptions as captions to the videos themselves. But there is a lot of work yet to be done.

If you’d like to help transcribe videos, go to the Nerdfighteria Wiki, find videos that have not yet been transcribed, pick one, and transcribe it! Instructions and formatting tips are available on the wiki, so poke around a bit!

If you’re feeling particularly awesome, you can focus on one of the following channels/categories, all of which need special help since they do not have scripts:


The Art Assignment

SciShow Talk Show

SciShow Quiz Show

Any other non-standard SciShow/Crash Course videos (like bloopers, teasers, surveys, and so on)

Similarly, if you are multilingual, we could use your talents in helping to translate videos for our educational channels.

See below for a full list of courses and channels that are available for translation:

Crash Course



Instructions regarding the translation process are available on each individual site.

Thanks in advance for all the work, time, and effort that you all put into these captions & translations! It’s greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions (that can’t be answered by a perusal of the wiki/, feel free to email me.



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