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Okay, so I’m going to be perfectly honest here, I hesitated a lot about making this post (and the dolls themselves) because in using a pre-made doll designer, I was pretty much forced to skinnify Unique, as doll designers? do not seem to have gotten the memo that not all people are thin as fuck.

This is something I’m really uncomfortable with, particularly as a really overweight person myself, but it was the only way I could really see myself participating in the festivities and it’s something I enjoy playing around with anyway.

I deliberately chose the pinup doll designer for its more stylized art (okay, also the cuteness) in hopes that that would do a little to offset the terrible portrayal of Unique.

They were so bamf in their performance of Blow Me One Last Kiss, and just so cute in general and I really associate them with like, 50-60s girl groups and I’m not quite sure why.

(keep in mind I’m going entirely off pre-season 5 canon for characterizations and am probably over-identifying with Marley)

Without having seen any of season 5, it is still very much my headcanon that they hang out and do duets all the time, at the drop of a hat. Sometimes the duets turn out awesome, sometimes they turn into mashups as one of them has a brilliant idea part way through, sometimes they forget words or hit bad notes or strike a particularly weird pose and it all falls apart into giggles, but regardless they’re having fun.

They have a youtube channel and try to update at least once a week - music and ‘it gets better’ reminders and talking about how to make the world a better place a little at a time, wherever you are - all the little differences you can make. 

Unique braids Marley’s hair and Marley tries once to braid Unique’s wig, but it doesn’t go all that well, what with it being a wig, so now she mostly sticks to painting Unique’s nails. Lately, they’ve been making tentative forays into the wonderful world of nail art. (Unique’s a lot better at it than Marley, who tends to get distracted and daydream and use her nails carelessly before they’ve actually finished setting.)

Sometimes they talk dreams, sometimes they talk boys. Sometimes they talk about more serious things, like Unique’s dysphoria and the constant misgendering and transmisogny she faces, or how Marley tries to hide it from her mom, but she’s still fighting her eating disorder, and probably always will.

Unique’s kind of like the older, more fashionable sister Marley never had, and Marley’s like the completely-accepting sister Unique always wanted, and basically yeah. <3 <3 <3



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