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[image description: Brittany S. Pierce from Glee looking kickass in a performance, with the colors of the Bisexual Flag on the side.]

This is Bisexual Awareness Week (though tbh, I’d prefer a Bisexual Celebration Week), and today we’re talking about bisexuality in media.  so i’m celebrating Brittany S. Pierce.

Brittany is my favorite Glee character, but it’s not because she’s bi.  Brittany is my fav because she is so many things.

she’s bisexual, and ambitious, and disabled, and hot as hell (i mean look at this pic) and sarcastic, and scared, and loving.  and she loves cats.  Brittany is so many things; she’s a person.  that is why i love Brittany.

bisexual characters in media are really rare, and we need bisexual characters of all types.  this includes characters who are bisexual but have developmental disability and get words mixed up so they don’t describe their sexuality “correctly”.  this includes characters who others have been biphobic towards.  this includes characters who date disabled boys and dance with girl-extras at prom.  this includes characters who spend “an entire year belaboring the nuances of my fluid teen sexuality, and getting caught up in Lord Tubbington’s ponzi schemes.  then for a while, I stopped talking.”

Brittany is really important to me.  because she’s bisexual, because she’s human, because when i turn on the TV and hear her say “I am also a unicorn, maybe a bicorn” i feel like the world has opened up to a new world of possibilities.

so, happy Bisexuality Week to Brittany S. Pierce.  any other feels on this subject are in my brittany is a bicorn tag.

(considering how the spur of the moment Glee post i made for Pride went over: don’t reblog this if you just want to tell me how wrong i am, or how Brittany isn’t actually bi, or isn’t actually disabled, or how Glee and its writers are biphobic, or etc.  this is a post for me, a bisexual person, to celebrate a bisexual character who is really important to me.  if you want to talk shit, do it elsewhere.  otherwise it’s bullying, and i will not accept it.  by the power vested in me as president, you are all fired.)

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