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well. today was godawful, and I ended up crying twice out of sheer frustration - once at work, after babylon came in and was bugfuck insane at me over the schedule (he wanted me to schedule people from 2 AM to 10 AM and didn’t forsee any possible issues with this at all), and once at home, when I dropped my plate and lost half my dinner halfway to the microwave.


I got a call back from one of the doctor’s offices I’d left messages with, and I have a psychiatrist appointment for the 17th! which is not ideally asap, to be sure, but it’s a lot sooner than I was expecting, tbh.

So I’m going to focus on making it to that. I can do this. my shifts are changing to 5 AM - 1 PM, so I shouldn’t cross paths with babylon much at all (although unfortunately when I do, it’ll be at the end of my shift and my metaphorical rope).

and! I have confirmation from not just one, but TWO coworkers (plus kate, an outside observer but with a biased view of events) that babylon is indeed bugfuck insane and unreasonable and a grade-a asshole who needs remedial lessons in basic interpersonal relations.

I also have reassurance that everybody fucking knows that the terrible fucking schedules and shit that’s getting handed down to them has nothing to do with me and that I’m doing my best to ameliorate shit.

also that none of us get paid enough but especially not me.

I’m getting the feeling I am not the only one an inch away from quitting just like that. 



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