Mar. 6th, 2014

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A Softer World: 943

(knives weren’t meant for air.)

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DIY Cheap and Easy Belt Choker Tutorial from Sarcastic Ashtray. This is a really quick DIY and the final look has everything to do with the quality and look of the belt you use.

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// “You’re going to stay here, like -” he paused to gulp nervously (god, what if he was wrong) “like a good boy,” he finished, voice breaking a little on the end. The look on Blaine’s face then was something Kurt would never in a million years forget - like he’d gotten something wonderful and fantastic that he’d never even known he wanted. (x)

// “What do you want me to do?” Kurt asked, throwing his hands in the air. “Spank you?” It was supposed to be sarcastic. It should have sounded like a ridiculous suggestion; Kurt had meant it to illustrate the absurdity of Kurt punishing Blaine for his disobedience. But the word hung in the air like crackling electricity. “Yes,” Blaine said softly. (x)

// Sex, for Kurt and Blaine…it’s special. It’s about the physical stuff, sure, the urgency in their lips and the buzz at the pit of his stomach and Kurt’s breath coming faster and faster in his ear and his limbs sliding sweat-slick over Kurt’s. But it’s about other stuff, too. It’s about the way Kurt held Blaine’s face in his hands and locked eyes with him when they made love the first time. It’s about the whispered I love yous between thrusts. It’s about the relieved breath Blaine releases every time Kurt slides Blaine’s bowtie off and presses a kiss where it sat tight around his throat. It’s about the sense of absolute safety Blaine has with Kurt, no matter what they’re doing. It’s about the way Kurt can make a bite feel like a kiss, and a kiss feel like a benediction. (x)



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