Sep. 15th, 2014

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I like practical techniques that you can use straightaway :) these are good!

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I am just overreacting to things all over the place, don’t mind me.

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klaine text post meme

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“Do you know what a foreign accent is? It’s a sign of bravery.”
- Amy Chua, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom (via bluishorbs)
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The Digit-al Dozen: Freehand Floral Pattern Bone China Nails | Click through for more info + photos -

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DIY How to Tie a Scarf Bow from …yet another beauty site. I’m over summer - it’s getting cold here.

For 50 Ways to Tie a Scarf (yes, not 40) go here.

And for those tired of how to tie a scarf tutorials there is this.

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it doesn’t really look like anything’s going to be happening for my birthday, since my parents haven’t even asked me to dinner like they usually do, so this might sound a little pitiful but I’d really appreciate any posts specially reblogged for me tomorrow. <3

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you know, there are lots of reasons getting  a cat is not a practical or responsible thing to do but the real reason I am so hesitant is because it’s like a 15-20 year commitment and I honestly cannot imagine that far ahead???

which maybe is actually an argument FOR getting a pet.

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sliced bread is the greatest thing since betty white

Reblogging for that comment

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arrowsforpens replied to your post:you know, there are lots of reasons getting  a cat…

that’s assuming you get a kitten and it lives a long life. I’d actually suggest getting an older, calmer rescue cat for your first one. Kittens are a LOT to handle.

that’s true, I was definitely thinking of at least an adult cat, since then you actually know what kind of personality it has and stuff like that.

I also am hesitant because I remember what it felt like when our dog died a few years ago. :(

otoh, if I think about it like that I will never want to make friends or meet relatives ever again so I’m going to try to avoid that entire train of thought.

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BDSM can turn out to be one expensive hobby/lifestyle. With the cost of toys, lingerie, gear, and furniture, the cost really adds up and can take a toll on the budget of college students and those who aren’t as well off as we’d like to be. However, there are some very cheap alternatives to expensive play and some free forms of kink you can take part in, as well as some DIY projects.


Paddles, whips, floggers, canes, and crops all fall under this category of kink, which can all be pricey depending on the material you’re interested in. Leather is common, but can be on the more expensive end when you get a well-made toy. Cheap alternative work well for beginners, though.


Wooden spoons.


Leather belts.

Bath brushes.

Ping pong paddle.

Rulers/yard sticks.


Decorative bamboo.

Dowels from arts and craft stores or home improvement stores.

Thin copper piping.


Homemade gimp (plastic strings) whips.

Homemade leather floggers with scrap leather from clothing or leather strings from a leather supply store.

For a more extreme and slightly nerdy flogger, you can fold a bunch of Ethernet cables over and tape around the folds to make a handle. This type of flogger has a bite to it!

Duct tape flogger.

Temperature Play

Temperature play is basically free if you have ice trays and/or a freezer. It’s something not a lot of people get into when they’re starting out with kink, but it can be really exciting to the right person.

Ice, Ice, Baby: Take a bowl or ice cubes to bed and tease your partner by rubbing them over the neck, chest, stomach, and genitals. There is bound to be lots of squirming and moaning if they enjoy the cool sensations. Blindfold them for an added element of surprise.

Ice Branding: I posted a full guide on this here. Check it out if you’re into semi-permanent marks and like numbingly cold sensations with little to moderate amounts of pain.

Ice Dildos: This little project is fun for those hot summer days! Take a condom and fill it to size with water, tying off the end. Around the condom, wrap an old paper towel roll to keep the shape of the condom while it freezes and tape it shut. Freeze overnight and then remove the condom and run it under warm water. You’re set to play!

If you’re into more advanced ice dildo-making, use rubber bands or tape to create different shapes and textures on the dildo.


Roleplay is generally a free kink, but for those who like to dress the part or use props, it can get expensive.

Check out stores like Goodwill, Savers, and local thrift shops for clothing. You can usually snag barely used to new clothes for a fraction of the price at these places. While I don’t suggest lingerie at these locations, things like business-wear for secretary/boss play or school uniforms for student/teacher play should be easy to find. 

For other types of roleplay, check these locations just before or after Halloween, as they usually carry lots of costumes and accessories for cheap prices.


Rope is pretty cheap, and an awesome way to start some bondage play. There are endless possibilities with rope, especially in large quantities. Save money by purchasing it at a home improvement store instead of sex shops.

Don’t waste money on books for references. If money is tight, head to YouTube and look up free videos on how to do specific ties. Search for the “The Knotty Boys” if you want some good starter material.

Internal Sex Toys

Money may be tight, but my advice here is never to settle for unsafe internal toys. Never buy jelly, rubber, or TPR toys. Spare yourself the infection and save up for a glass or silicone toy. If you really need a cheaper option, opt for hard, no-porous plastic.However, I assure you the difference in glass or silicone is worth the extra saving.

If you already own toys of an unsafe material, you need to use a condom with them or throw them out. Materials like TPR and rubber hold in bacterial and grow it, no matter how much you clean them. Materials like jelly do the same thing, but also break down and release toxins that are unsafe for your body. 

Keep in mind that if you’re toy shopping at Edenfantasys, the code V2V entered at checkout where it says “partner codes” will get you 15% off everything in your cart and has no expiration date so keep the code and share all you’d like for savings.

xx SF

I just want to chime in here as a rope guy, you absolutely can and should learn with cheap rope, i got my start with 3 dollar per 100 foot clothesline from walmart and poly blends from home depot, all very cheap.  However, with these cheaper ropes there are hazards to be aware of.  Thinner ropes can be harder to untie, especially with non-synthetic ropes like cotton clotheslines, because the rope can swell under duress and be very difficult to untie.  But don’t worry, that’s why you’re using cheap rope! Just cut it!  Also make sure you have safety shears, they’re incredibly cheap and can save a life!

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albus severus potter, you were named after two of my most problematic faves



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