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bluespace is those photo posts with backgrounds the same color as tumblr’s; with tumblr’s new layout and lack of borders on photo posts these posts blend almost seamlessly into the dash

some reasons you should tag these posts so your followers can blacklist/savior them:

for people who experience vertigo, the ones that shake and wiggle could cause nausea

for people who experience photophobic migraines and seizures, ones that flash, shake, or otherwise move quickly may cause a migraine or seizure

for people who experience derealization or hallucinations, the stretching, warping, shaking, of one’s dash or the use of bluespace to look like something is moving across one’s computer may cause a derealization episode as what was perceived to be real starts working in unexpected ways, causing the viewer to question their reality

even people who normally experience none of these have reported feeling uncomfortable upon viewing bluespace posts (probably because of the surreal qualities of such posts) so. yknow. maybe you should tag them.

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People who think I don’t already “pick my battles” greatly underestimate the number of potential battles in my path on a daily basis.

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NOTE: This Tumblr is primarily used for gaming tools, doodles, and general RPG stuff. Just fluff content. If you’re following me and the following offends/disagrees with you, I’m sorry. However, I feel that this needs to be said, and is worth saying.

So I’m curating a Mass Effect Art Zine. I’m doing so because Mass Effect is really important to me. It’s one of my favourite games. As such, I’m a big fan of talented artists who present the series in different ways through a variety of aesthetics. 

Barbalarga, who’s noteworthy not only for making great Mass Effect art, but for also doing so through an LGBT lens that’s often lacking in videogame fan art. 

Sure, there’s a deluge of gay and lesbian videogame fan art (especially in Mass Effect), but most of it is just pandering cheesecake, created through a male gaze for an ostensibly male audience. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with appreciating art like that, I (and I’m sure others) crave variety and better representation of characters in fan art. Characters who are not totally idealized pin-ups, made solely to serve as erotica.

Barbalarga’s art (especially her Mass Effect art) features couples! Partners, no less, of almost every gender and species! Equal representation completely across the board (in most cases. I mean, these are still fiction space aliens, after all). She depicts characters as loving, caring even, of each other, regardless of sex/gender, and she makes it sexy. And trust me, it gets sexy. Barbalarga’s art feels like a force for good. A force for, at the very least, better gender and sexual identity representation in fan art. 

So, yeah, I wanted her stuff in my zine. 

I requested that she make a piece of art about Mass Effect that featured characters who weren’t Commander Shepard. 

This is what she submitted. 

It depicts Aria T’Loak (voiced by Carrie-Anne Moss) and Nyreen Kandros in Aria’s office on Omega. There’s a lot going on with these characters in the series, so if you’re unfamiliar, check out this trailer. One important take away is that these two were estranged lovers. This picture possibly glimpses at a happier past between them. 

It’s pretty fantastic, I gotta say.

So then this pops up on Barbalarga’s Tumblr feed after she’d posted the piece:

"Unfollowed due to fatass Omega dancer"?!

I’m…I’m seriously trying hard to form coherent thoughts and type…while being clouded by werewolf rage. 

One puffed out stomach, one singular extra roll of fat, greyed out and in the background, is what causes someone to unfollow?! Not just unfollow, but go out of their way to tell the artist they’re doing so!

I get that this isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it still irks me something fierce. 

This piece is gorgeous. Some might say in spite of the fat stripper in the background. Some might say because of the fat stripper in the background. 

I say that this piece is fantastic for loads of reasons, but chief among them is that there’s a “plus sized” dancer in the background. To clarify, she’s probably like 180lbs, 200lbs tops. Does that qualify as “plus sized” in North America and Europe? I’m not sure. 

I like the implications of it, in a totally nerdy world-building sort of way. I like the idea of Omega hiring performers of varying body types, to appeal to differing tastes (A galaxy of differing tastes!). I like that a lot. 

What I don’t like is that there are people who just can’t deal with fat characters in their fandoms. I cannot understand it! I just strikes me as so close-minded and a little hypocritical at times. Are there people who are so against depictions of fat women in art (in the background, no less) that they’ll unfollow a talented artist that they’ve (presumably) enjoyed up until now?! I don’t get it!

I might catch flack for this, but I’d rather say something as opposed to keeping quiet. 

Barbalarga’s right. "Big girls are intensely sexy (and you know, human beings)”. No matter how you might feel about them, I think their inclusion in fan art is a positive thing.

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“Let’s stop claiming that certain genders and sexualities ‘reinforce the gender binary’. In the past, that tactic has been used to dismiss butches and femmes, bisexuals, trans folk and our partners, and feminine people of every persuasion. Gender isn’t simply some faucet that we can turn of and off in order to appease other people, whether they be heterosexist bigots or queerer-than-thou hipsters. How about this: Let’s stop pretending that we have all the answers because when it comes to gender, none of us is fucking omniscient.”

Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive by Julia Serano, p. 107 (via bisexual-books)

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Tumblr Doms: referring to models and other women who you don’t know as “bitch”, “slut” and “whore” in your photo captions is SUCH a fucking turnoff oh my god. Cut that shit out and have the smallest ounce of fucking respect for these women who are sharing their images with the public.

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I have something to complain about. And this is my personal opinion… And I don’t give a shit if people call me a prude or an angry feminist, or a “fake” sub. 

I wanna talk about bdsm/kink blogs that revolve around any kind of concept of “men > women,” or an idea that women are inferior. I won’t be a name-caller, because thats simply unnecessary and everyone is free to believe, and post whatever they want. 

However, I feel that we, as kinksters, breed a lot of negativity. Within ourselves and our practice. And in turn, we breed outside stigma and misconceptions because of it. And then we complain about outside stigma, including people assuming that kink is abuse. 

I realize that people have their kinks. I have my own as well. I have my own that I feel might be beyond the line of safe and sane. I try my BEST to accept kinks that are not my own. I can accept someone willing to admit that their kink is something they can’t help, something that is their ultimate fantasy, and something that they’d like to do consensually. Great! :D 

I CAN be tolerant of a kink or fetish that involves someone simply being turned on by the thought of woman being inferior. And I can accept consensual practice of such a kink. After all, I respect women who are not fearful of what turns them on, and if that is something that would turn someone on, by all means! Explore it!

However, I CANNOT be tolerant or accepting of the assumption or belief that that specific idea, is what all kink IS.

Because it is not. Because it spreads those misconceptions I was talking about earlier. Because not everyone shares or believes in that kink or idea. Because kink is about so much more than simple roles such as “dominant” and “submissive.” Because not every submissive is a woman, and not every dominant is a man. Because we all experience and practice our kinks differently. 

You can be into degradation and respect yourself at the same time.

You can have rape fantasies and not want to be raped. 

You can find strength in being overpowered. 

Kink is what we make of it. And we all make it work for us. We do it because it makes us happy, we do it to satisfy our needs and desires, we do it to express ourselves. I know brutality and tears turn us on, but we don’t have to be that way in spirit or in truth :)

So, to those of you few I see, who are making kink out to be things it is not… misogynistic, shameful, or truly abusive… I gotta say..

Fuck you.

:D buhbye! 

Oh.. this picture. Yea. I just thought it was hilarious because I dont know wtf is going on!

And it proves that kink can be all about joy, bondage and CAKE!!

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teenage girls actually have to go through a lot of bullshit and the fact that it’s considered cool to make fun of them for being upset or emotional is kind of gross



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