Jul. 9th, 2014

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oh hai there, button-i-did-not-know-i-had

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His username is WillSherrod? His password is also WillSherrod?

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in honor of July apparently being “Heterosexual Awareness Month” today is now June 32nd. Yesterday was June 31st and next week it will be June 39th July no longer exists, sorry i dont make the rules

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MD Lab: Hello, yes, is the CDC 

CDC: Uh, yes. 

MD Lab: Listen, I don’t want to alarm you, but we found some small pox this morning. 

CDC: Wait— wait what? You found smallpox. Like a person infected with smallpox? How and what. 

MD Lab: No, no, no. Not a person. Just a vial of it. Well, Carl found it. Erm, a few vials. Multiple vials of smallpox are in play here. 

CDC: I’m trying to get past the “found” smallpox here. How do you “find an eradicated disease 

MD Lab: Yes, Carl found it. He was cleaning out an old storage room and he discovered a literal box of smallpox. We assume it’s been there for a while. Honestly, I didn’t even know that room existed until we found it while moving some cabinets the other wee— 

CDC: Is the threat contained? Did Carl follow your lab’s procedure on discovering potentially hazardous material? 

MD Lab: Erm. He sorta just…chucked it onto my desk. But it didn’t break! 

CDC: You’re telling me a lab worker threw a box of smallpox at you. 

Carl? What? No, he’s Bill in accounts’ son. He’s been cleaning here all summer

CDC: ….ffs. Who runs this lab 

MD Lab: …uhhhh, the FDA. 

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i can’t begin to let you know just what i’m feeling—based off of this prompt: Blaine is bipolar, and it’s the first time Kurt’s seen him in a manic phase.


Kurt’s woken, strangely, by the sound of a pencil scratching against paper. At first he burrows into the sheets with a groan, drawing them up over his shoulders as he tries to drown the noise out. When that doesn’t work he sits up instead, rubbing his hands over his eyes as he forces them to focus.

The windows are still dark, and when Kurt looks down at his nightstand the numbers on his clock read 3:07. So it must be 3:07 in the morning. But why—?

The sheets rustle as Kurt turns, sees the stooped outline of a dark head of messy curls at the foot of the bed illuminated by the blue-white glow of an LED flashlight, probably the one that Blaine keeps in his nightstand drawer. Something in Kurt loosens, then, something like relief; he hadn’t even been aware that he’d been tense and on edge until he’d discovered the source of the noise.

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this fic. the depiction of mania. even from - no, maybe especially from an outside pov - just so real and i could *feel* it, the dizzying energy of it that blaine was riding
I think this is maybe one of 10 bipolar fics i’ve ever read, and it’s one of the best. and it means so much to see this side of it represented as well.
I found the end a little abrupt, mostly because the rest of it was so smooth. I also think Blaine’s unlikely to have had an episode so soon after going off his meds, although ~brains~ so you never know.
Regardless - so real it hurts, in that good, happy kind of way.

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anyone familiar with the University of Chicago  campus who can help me out?

Can anyone signal boost this for me?

signal boost

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'Columbusing': when white people think they discovered something they didn't

Want more examples of ‘Columbusing?’ watch the full video here.

(Source: College Humor)


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STEP ONE: Acquire food.
hashtag mkp is allegedly a grownup
hashtag i'm really hungry and yet i really don't want to eat
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How to cover up tattoos!

use a red lipstick covering the outlines

pat on a light concealer, using a setting powder

pat on your skin tone concealer, and clean up any mistakes using baby wipes to remove excess concealer

use a fluffy brush and smooth it out with foundation powder.



we don’t usually reblog/post cosplay stuff, but a friend pointed it out to me and i haven’t seen it elsewhere SO maybe it can help someone!

Useful for cosplay AND if you’re applying for a job that views tattoos as ‘unprofessional’. 

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This is an ultimate masterlist of many, many resources that could be helpful for writers/roleplayers.



Improve Your Writing Habits Now

5 Ways to Add Sparkle to Your Writing

Getting Over Roleplaying Insecurities

Improve Your Paras

Why the Right Word Choices Result in Better Writing

4 Ways To Have Confidence in Your Writing

Writing Better Than You Normally Do

How’s My Driving?


A Description Resource

55 Words to Describe Someones Voice

Describing Skin Colors

Describing a Person: Adding Details

Emotions Vocabulary

90 Words For ‘Looks’

Be More Descriptive

Describe a Character’s Look Well

100 Words for Facial Expressions

To Show and Not To Tell

Words to Describe Facial Expressions

Describing Clothes

List of Actions

Tone, Feelings and Emotions


Writing Specific Characters

Character Guides

Writing Help for Writers

Ultimate Writing Resource List

Lots of RP Guides

Online Writing Resources

List of Websites to Help You Focus

Resources for Writing Bio’s

Helpful Links for Writing Help

General Writing Resources

Resources for Biography Writing

Mental Ilnesses/Disorders Guides

8 Words You Should Avoid While Writing

  Body Language

Body Language Cheat

Body Language Reference Cheat

Tips for Writers: Body Language

Types of Crying

Body Language: Mirroring


Words Instead of Walk (2)

Commonly Confused Adjectives

A Guide on Punctuation

Common Writing Mistakes

25 Synoms for ‘Expession’

How to: Avoid Misusing Variations of Words

Words to Keep Inside Your Pocket

The 13 Trickiest Grammar Hang-Ups

Other Ways to Say..


300+ Sophiscated and Underused Words

List of Misused Words

Words for Sex

100 Beautiful and Ugly Words

Words to Use More Often

Alternatives for ‘Smile’ or ‘Laugh’

Three Self Editing Tips

Words to Use Instead of ‘Walk’, ‘Said’, ‘Happy’ and ‘Sad’

Synonyms for Common Words

Alternatives for ‘Smile’

Transitional Words

The Many Faces and Meanings of ‘Said’

Synonyms for ‘Wrote’

A Case Of She Said, She Said

Writer’s Block

How to: Cure Writer’s Block

Some Tips on Writer’s Block

Got Writer’s Block?

6 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Tips for Dealing With Writer’s Block


Application (Itself)

How to: Make That Application Your Bitch

How to: Make Your App Better

How to: Submit a Flawless Audition

10 Tips for Applying

Para (Sample)

Para Sample Ideas

5 Tips on Writing an IC Para Sample

Writing an IC Sample Without Escaping From the Bio

How to: Create a Worthy IC Para Sample

How to: Write an Impressive Para Sample

How to: Lengthen Short Para’s


Drabble Stuff

Prompts List

Writing Prompts

Drabble Prompts

How to Get Into Character

Writing Challenges/Prompts

A Study in Writing Prompts for RPs

Para Prompts & Ideas

Writing Prompts for Journal Entries

A List of Para Starters




Bad Asses

Bitches (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)


Emotional Detachment


The Girl Next Door

Introverts (2)

Mean Persons (2)


Party Girls

Rich (2) 



Serial Killers (2)

Shyness (2, 3)


Villains (2)



Disorders in general (2, 3, 4, 5) 

Attention Deficit Disorder

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Anxiety (2, 3, 4, 5) 

Avoidant Personality Disorder

Alice In Wonderland Syndrome

Bipolar Disorder (2, 3)

Cotard Delusions

Depression (2, 3, 4, 5, 6)   

Eeating Disorders (2, 3)

Facitious Disorders

Histrionic Personality Disorder

Multiple Personality Disorder (2)

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Night Terrors

Kleptomania (2)

A Pyromaniac

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (2) (3)

Sex Addiction (2)

Schizophrenia (2)

Sociopaths (2)


Aspergers Syndrome



Someone Blind (2)

Cancer (2, 3)



Muteness (2, 3)




Ballet Dancer (2)













Alcohol Influence (2, 3, 4, 5)

Cocaine Influence

Ecstasy Influence (2)

Heroin Use

LSD Influence

Marijuana Influence (2, 3)

Opiate Use




California (2, 3)

England/Britain (2, 3, 4, 5)

New York



The South (2)


Females (2)

Males (2)

Transgender People



Witches (2)





A Death Scene

Loosing Someone (2)

Old Persons

Physical Injuries (2, 3)

Sexual Abuse (2)

Fight Scenes (2, 3, 4)




Biography Writing

Components of Your Biographies

Character sheet (2, 3)

Need Help With Character Creation?

How to: Draw Inspiration for Characters From Music

How to: Write a Biography (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

How to: Write a Fully Developed Character

How to: Create a Cast of Characters (2)

Writing an Original Character (2, 3)

Creating Believable Characters (2, 3)

Bio Formats (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

Little Things You Can Add To Your Bios

Connections (2)


Bio Twists


Female Names (2, 3, 4, 5)

Male Names (2, 3, 4, 5) 

Last Names  (2, 3, 4)


Jung’s 16 Personality Types

Underused Character Personalities

Birth-Order: Personality Traits

The Difference Between Personality and Behavior

How to: Show a Characters Personality In a Paragraph

16 Character Traits

Underused Personalities

Personality Traits

Positive (2)

Negative (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Both (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)


Addictions and Bad Habits

Bad Habits

Character Habits

Character Quirks

Phobias (2)


300 Possible Secrets to Give Your Characters

I Bet You Didn’t Know..

Character Plots And Secrets (2)

Celebrity Secrets

Secret Masterlist


Song Lyrics Masterlist

Songs for Biographies

Favorite Quotes: TV and Movies

Favorite Quotes: Notable Authors

Favorite Quotes: Celebrities

Favorite Quotes: Popular Books (2)

Quotes From Songs

Character Quotes

Masterlist of Bio Lyrics

Masterlist of Bio Quotes

Masterlist of Song Lyrics

Biography Lyrics

A Masterlist of Quotes


The Quotation Garden

Mary Sue’s

A Mary Sue In The Inbox

Your Character Is A Sue, Not Just A Mary Or Gary

Not Writing A Mary Sue


Para Titles

100 Paragraph Titles

Para Titles - Song Title Edition (2,3)

A Whole Ton of Para Titles

350+ Song Titles

Para Titles For You (2)


How to: Create an interesting starter

How to: Make an Interesting Starter

Gif Conversations: A Guide

A Brief Guide to Starters

Interesting Gif Convesation Starters

Starters Masterlist

Gif Starter Posts

46 Interesting Gif Chat Starters

Ideas for Gif Chat Starters



Masterlist: Jobs

Possible Careers for Characters

Artistic Occupations

Martha’s Vineyard Job Masterlist

Interesting Jobs


Para Ideas

Masterlist: Para Ideas

Top 50 Places for Starters

Writing Topics: Para Ideas

101 Date Ideas

68 Date Ideas

22 Date Ideas

Popular Places to Eat

Character Developement

Character Development Questionaire

Character Surveys

C.D. Questionaire

30 Day Character Development Meme

Character Development Questions (2)

100 Pt. Questionaire

IC and OOC Surveys

Online Test for Character Building

30 Days of Character Development

How to: Develop Characters

Get To Know Your Characters


Romance (in general)

The Little Ways a Ship Gets Build

Roleplaying Relationships

8 Ways to Say I Love You

How to: Make a Set Ship RP Work

How to: Write a Romantic Scene

Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Relationships

Putting a Label on It

Synonyms for Love

Pregnancy (2, 3, 4, 5)


Smut Guide: Casual Sex

Smut Guide: For Beginners

How to: Write a First Time Sex Scene Romantically

How to: Smut - The Bare Bones

How to: Smut (For Virgins)

How to: Write Lesbian Smut

How to: Write Smut (2, 3)

How to: Write a Blowjob/Prepping for Smut

Smut Guides of Tumblr

Tips on Writing Sex Scenes

A Guide to Language in Smut

Domination and Submission

Making Love

A Smut Guide


How to: Write a Kiss (2)

Different Types of Kisses

Writing Out the First Kiss


Plot Writing

How to: Create the Best Plot for Your RP

How to: Create A Plot Outline in 8 Steps

How to: Write A Plot in 12 Steps

How to: Write A Quality Plot

How to: Spice Up Your Roleplay Plots

Components of Your Plot Page

Writing Up A Plot

Basics of Writing A Plot

Links for Plot Writing Help

Eight Unique Plot Ideas

Plot Twists

Situation Ideas (2, 3)

Guide to Plotting


Eras Masterlist

Everything You Need to Know Abut the 20’s

20’s Slang

Primary Sources on Ancient Civilizations

How to: Play the Greek Goddess ‘Harmonia’

How to: Roleplay In the Victorian Era

Victorian Dialogue

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adulthood is just an endless stream of phone calls you don’t want to make but have to

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