May. 24th, 2014

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Their marriage may not be what one expects on Earth; they’ve seen other planets, but Earth is their home and they make their marriage of three work. (Prompt: Tom Milligan/Martha Jones/Mickey Smith, their marriage is legally binding on at least fifty planets- just not the one they happen to live on)!fic, site:archiveofourown, fandom:doctorwho, rating:teenandupaudiences, pairing:martha.jones/thomas.milligan, pairing:martha.jones/mickey.smith, pairing:mickey.smith/tom.milligan, pairing:martha.jones/mickey.smith/tom.milligan, ~author:sunnyrea, theme:queer-themes, queer-theme:polyamory

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I am doing a really good job today of remembering that if I haven’t eaten
in hours and am close to tears, probably I need food.

Well done, self! You have successfully averted another meltdown! See, you
can deal with crazy things like going on trips! This is not so hard!

hashtag mkp talks to herself
hashtag mkp is allegedly a grownup

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oh also! no need to worry about introspection anymore, I told my friend
I’ve been researching autism because I’ve been told I might be on the
spectrum and he says I’m not autistic! everything’s so clear now!

(qem makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time sometimes because he
just doesn’t understand how to talk to people. tbh I would not be at all
surprised if HE was on the spectrum. also, weirdly: he and
persephonesidekick give the same kind of hugs. like, almost identical.
except qem’s like, a foot taller, which makes it more awkward.)

hashtag mkp in real life

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you know, with how much trouble I’ve been having with eating in the last
few months, I really would have expected to lose some weight.

but then I realize that I’m basically living on not only zone bars,
smoothies, salads, and peanut butter apples, but also on ice cream, hot
dogs, and taquitos from the 7-11



(my swimsuit is just the slightest bit too small and I don’t have time to
go find and buy one before camp ugh oh well. I probably should have tried
it on sooner since I haven’t worn it in two years. oops.)

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hashtag mkp in real life

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eating helped in that I’m no longer actively feeling like
but it’s like Book’s hair in Firefly and it’s just there, *waiting*

remind me that I really do want to go to camp and that I will have fun and
that it will be worth all this effort?

because wow I am just on a roller coaster of emotions today. apparently.

hashtag mkp whines a lot

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Nobody ever asks Pepper how many people she’s killed. Then again, no one seems to think she’s killed anyone at all.!fic, site:archiveofourown, fandom:ironman, fandom:theavengers, fandom:marvel, fandom:marvelcinematicuniverse, rating:notrated, pairing:pepper.potts/tony.stark, ~author:reggievass, genre:gen, rating:G-PG13, character:pepper.potts, genre:episode-tag/missing-scene

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hashtag kink for kate’s bls i guess?

also also I started packing this favorite bedtime story of mine when I was
little because RS said there could be storytime and I was excited but then
I almost started crying on the way to work in panic because someone would
be reading to me who wasn’t my dad and it would sound like him but *not*
and what if I forgot what it sounded like when my dad read it and no no no
not okay not okay at all.

hashtag mkp panics
hashtag mkp isn’t neurotypical (i’m guessing this. uh. might be related.

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thanks, jamie.

I don’t know why I’m freaking out so much the last trip I went on was not
nearly this overwhelming and it involved FLYING and TAXIS.

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slam slam oh hot damn what part of crazy don’t you understand

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…you know, come to think of it, I’m not actually sure I slept last night.

This month, yo. I am just failing all over the place.

hashtag mkp is allegedly a grownup

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Actual eyelash porn, because this photoset gave me feels. Fluffy, post-sex Klaine with implied Dom!Kurt and sub!Blaine. 480 words.

“Mmm, show me your pretty eyelashes.”

They’re lying together in bed when Kurt makes the quiet, albeit odd, request. It sounds even stranger to Blaine’s ears in his current condition, half of his mind still bobbing out on some distant ocean. He’s only just begun to find his way back to reality after an intense, much needed scene, and Kurt’s got him tucked warm against his side, one hand on the bare curve of Blaine’s hip beneath the sheets.

Blaine makes an inquisitive sound before he speaks, voice airy and hoarse from begging Kurt for release minutes earlier. “Wha—Huh?” When he looks up his eyes are still a bit glazed with afterglow and submission, and it warms Kurt’s heart, sending a tangible buzz of affection all the way down to the tips of his toes.

Read More

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Why this is one of my favourites? It’s the connection, both physically as psychologically.
The way the Dom is holding his boy’s leash powerfully in his hand, while making a reassuring gesture of trust and safety with his other. The way he looks his boy straight in the eye, silently telling him he’s about to get pulled down on his knees in the near future.
And then that faint, nervously anticipating smile on the boy’s face.. It shows how eager he is to serve his Dom properly, so he can put a smile on his face as well.

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someone please be awake and laugh about this with me

daja falls for a girl who turns out to be straight and briar’s having a douche day and laughs at her and so she just decks him and gives him a black eye and rosethorn visits the next day and is like ‘HOW DID YOU GET HURT TELL ME AND I’LL SKIN THEM UNLESS IT WAS YOUR FAULT’ and he tells her and she just laughs at him for 25 minutes without stopping and gives daja the emelan equivalent of a fistbump when she walks in and blatantly refuses to give him any of her bruise cream which he wasn’t even going to ask for because he can make his own, thank you, but jeez, rosethorn, thanks for letting me know how much you care when i’m in pain, and she just stops laughing at him never

daja meets a lady friend because she’s one of briar’s ~*~midnight paramours~*~ and she gets to know daja the morning after over a strong cup of trader tea (the girl’s done business with them before and loves its flavor so they bond) and is like, sorry briar, i met someone, and he’s like, WHO, and she’s like, your roommate, and he’s like DAJA THAT’S NOT FAIR YOU NEED TO STOP BEING SO HOT and she’s like, all’s fair in love and war buddy, and takes the girl by the elbow to have a lovely stroll through the market and talk about magic and their lives and make out adorably

and rosethorn finds out because briar is sulking in the garden and making the plants upset and she laughs even harder this time because she’s probably been at least one of the female components of this equation before and so she knows how it works and of course she tells lark who thinks it’s the greatest story she’s ever heard and they both give daja the emelan equivalent of a fistbump the next time they see her

the end

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They forget the point man that helped revolutionize the dream-world and only remember Eames and his versatility. In which Arthur & Eames change the way dream-sharing works twiceover.!fic, site:archiveofourown, fandom:inception, rating:teenandupaudiences, pairing:arthur/eames.(inception), ~author:andrealyn

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#i like to imagine that stiles has a mental list of this for everyone he knows#danny: bad taste in friends. skips spanish sometimes.#allison: vengeful. never has hair ties. cuts nails too short.#isaac: fucking scarves. thinks scott likes him a lot. scarves again bcuz really.#lydia: wears too much perfume. bad taste in dudes.#derek: grumpy. bad at communication. eyebrows#jackson: everything. (via masonjo)

#jackson: everything

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There are only three things, really, that Kurt wants in his ass at any given time, and those are: 1) Blaine’s tongue 2) On occasion, Blaine’s fingers 3) His vibrator.!fic, fandom:glee, pairing:kurt.hummel/blaine.anderson, genre:porn, rating:R-NC17, note:drabble/ficlet, ~author:luckyjak, kink:sex-toys

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[edification: improvement, education] They don’t meet the normal way. They meet because Blaine is desperate, high, lonely. He goes looking for someone to help, and he finds Sir, someone willing to do that and more for him, but only from a distance. Until suddenly that distance is a lot less than they’d suspected, and they have to learn to be together without breaking the rules.!fic, site:archiveofourown, fandom:glee, rating:explicit, pairing:blaine.anderson/kurt.hummel, ~author:makerofanarchy, warning:consent-issues, warning:other/unspecified, warning:drug-use/abuse, warning:suicide/suicidal-ideation, warning:self-injury, theme:mental-illness-themes, mental-illness:depression, theme:kink-themes, kink:d/s, genre:au, au:teacher!au, warning:age-difference, kink:spanking

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This is a love story.fandom:whoniverse, fandom:torchwood, !fic, epic, pairing:jack.harkness/ianto.jones, site:livejournal, ~author:veronicaluv, rating:R-NC17, .titleLJ

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I really like avocados, but was always frustrated by how quickly they get brown once you slice them.  Here are a couple tips to keep your avocado fresh, so you can use it in more than one dish without it getting icky.

1-Don’t remove the pit!  The pit has enzymes that will keep the avocado fresh for longer.  When you slice your avocado, try using a long knife and slicing triangular sections out of the avocado.  This will expose the least amount of the flesh to the air, and make sure that the pit stays in contact   with the fruit.  If you’re making guacamole but are going to serve it later or not eat it all at once, save the pit and put it in the bowl or tupperware that you’re storing it in.

2-Lemon juice - lemon or lime juice will also help prevent the avocado from turning brown.  Squeeze some on the cut side of your avocado, or add some lemon juice to your salad dressing if you’re packing a meal to eat later.

3-Wrap it up tightly, instead of using a tupperware.  Contact with oxygen can speed up the browning.  So after you slice your avocado, wrap it up tightly in cling wrap before you put it back in the fridge.  Sometimes I rubber band it to make the the cling doesn’t fall off.  If you’ve made guacamole or something else with avocado in, put cling wrap over the bowl and press it down until it’s right on top of the guacamole to restrict the air flow.

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step 1: updating the links (done, though I feel I should have put more individual links and not links to more masterposts. Added two new links to Being Autistic, two to Advocacy and Groups, one to Intersectionality, five or six links under a banner of not quite fitting in other places, and several links to other masterposts)

step 2: describing all links (in progress)

here is the list! see here for my actual blog page on resources



This is mostly autism-related, but there are some other disability-related resources listed. Many of these have both Facebook pages, other social media, and websites, and I haven’t provided all of the outlets for all of the pages. I think they’re pretty easy to find links to if you’ve got at least one of their social media outlets. Feel free to share these links. I wrote very few of them myself, so if you credit anyone, please do so from the original source. Some links will take you to specific posts/writings from blogs I have posted on here. 


Socializing As an Autistic

iamthethunder: Autistic Culture

Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism 

A Short Reminder For Autistic People

This is Autism Flash Blog

Love Not Fear Flash Blog

Brief Definitions of Empathy Types

Autistics Speaking Day Facebook page

No Stereotypes Here: Functioning Labels

Sh*t People Say to Autistic People (video)

The Obsessive Joy of Autism

Don’t Mourn for Us

Tumblr Tag: actuallyautistic

Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking compiled by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (Book)

iamthethunder: Speak for Yourself: A Call to Action

A Response to the New York Times

Pagination Poetry (poetry about being on the spectrum)

I Once Had A Neurotypical Tell Me 

I Love My Neurons 

Disabled Learning



Autism and Empathy

ASAN’s About Autism Page

My Son Doesn’t Need to be Fixed

Autistic Drift 

goldenheartedrose: FAQ

Autistic Hoya: FAQ

Autistic Hoya: Definitions and Terms

Autistic Hoya: Ableist Terms (words to avoid)

Article/post on how to treat nonverbal individuals

Ari Ne’eman of ASAN’s Talk at Emory on Autism and Disability (This gives a really good background on disability history and how it has evolved over time, addresses the social vs medical model)

Tiny Grace Notes (Ask an Autistic)

Tumblr Tag: actuallyautistic (please do not use this tag if you know you are not autistic, though. It’s just a good place to read things by autistic people)

Autistic Self-Identity (Guide for NT and allistic individuals when referring to autistic people)

15 Things You Should Never Say to Autistics

ADVOCACY PAGES AND GROUPS (best subheading I could think of):

Lipstick Autistic

Emma’s Hope Book

Paula C. Durbin-Westby

Ollibean (more pan-disability)

Autistic Self Advocacy Network (website)

Autistic Self Advocacy Network (Facebook page)

ASAN’s About Autism Page

The Caffeinated Autistic

Autistic Hoya (Facebook)

Autistic Hoya (blog)

The Arc of the United States (not restricted to autism) (Facebook page)

Queerability (Tumblr)

Queerability (Facebook)

Feminist Disability Dialogue

Autism Women’s Network (Facebook page)

Autism Women’s Network (Website)

The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism & their very extensive Resources Page


Navigating Queer Girl Culture on the Spectrum 

Queerability (Tumblr)

Queerability (Facebook)

Feminist Disability Dialogue

Autism Women’s Network (Facebook page)

Autism Women’s Network (Website)

DIVERgent: When disability & feminism collide (Run by AWN)


Paige Studies Eugenic History

Disability News and History

The Arc of the United States (Facebook page)

Ari Ne’eman of ASAN’s Talk at Emory on Autism and Disability

Master Source List on Eugenics for Paige Studies Eugenic History


goldenheartedrose: So What’s the Problem with Autism Speaks? 

An Autistic Speaks About Autism Speaks

Compilation of Anti Autism Speaks Post (lots of them)

k-pagination: Autism Speaks: The Name, the Symbol, the Rhetoric

k-pagination: Dear College Basketball Fans and Others

k-pagination: Labels and Statistics and Autism Speaks

Autistic Self Advocacy Network Flyer on AS

ASAN + Other Disability Groups’ Joint Letter to AS’s Sponsors

k-pagination: We Have a Place

iamthethunder: Autism Speaks Doge Meme

iamthethunder: Autism Speaks Doge Meme Template

iamthethunder: If Autism Speaks Were a Person

AS’s only autistic on why he left


Medication Management

College Survival Masterpost (including anxiety/being stressed, sad)

Hotlines (multiple regions)

Websites For When You Need Distractions 

Tactics for Digital Protests


Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism


Traveling Show

College Survival Masterpost

Autistic Self Advocacy Network Sitemap

Autistic Hoya Sitemap

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I see people all the time on tumblr reach their surgery goals. All because enough people reblogged their post and made sure that message was spread.

I’ve tried everything I can to get my surgery sooner. With having to file for bankruptcy I am not qualified for a loan. 

I have thankfully reached $1,660 in just donations alone. 

I get not having extra money, but even reblogging this will help it land in the right hands of someone who can help.

I have bought over 20 binders for trans* individuals in need, and have away countless items of my others may want too.

I’m just asking for a helping hand to get my message out there, so I have a chance to finally LIVE rather than just exist.

I found a surgeon in Las Vegas who is willing to take $2,000 off the surgery itself bringing it down to $9,000.

Click to Donate:

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Summary: For Ianto Jones, reality is what you make of it.fandom:whoniverse, fandom:torchwood, !fic, ::needs_tags, site:livejournal, .genre?, .character?, ~author:valancy_joy, rating:R-NC17, .titleLJ

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Anyone can be beautiful, but the word does have gender-specific connotations in most people’s minds which might be a sensitive subject to some, so….













good looking

easy on the eyes




























sexy as fuck

Very useful!

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things i refuse to apologise for

being an introvert

my anxiety

my dislike of sports

disliking summer

loving rain and storms

writing all the time

reading all the time

loving people animals too much

not enjoying loud people

not enjoying large groups of people

hating most parties

things i will apologise for

bumping into inanimate objects

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Blaine Anderson is a struggling musician with a new job. This is the story of everything he finds there. || so somehow i never actually read this? but it’s a lovely light read, if you know what i mean, and it has the most amazing artwork that goes with it.!fic, site:archiveofourown, fandom:glee, rating:mature, pairing:blaine.anderson/kurt.hummel, ~author:wordplay, genre:au, au:bartender!au, rating:PG13-R

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my favorite part of hamlet is at the beginning when they see the ghost of hamlet sr for the first time

and the guards are like “Horatio, you go talk to it! You went to college!”

and Horatio is like “Yeah! I did go to college! I will go talk to the ghost!”

like. where did horatio go to college. did he go to ghost college

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The Dwarf Cast - Blunt the Knives

Blunt the knives and bend the forks!Smash the bottles and burn the corks!Chip the glasses and crack the plates!That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates -Cut the cloth and tread the fat!Leave the bones on the bedroom mat!Pour the milk on the pantry floor!Splash the wine on every door!Dump the crocks in a boiling bowl;Pound them up with a thumping pole;And when you’ve finished, if they are whole,Send them down the hall to roll!That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates!

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controlofwhatido prompted: early klaine two weeks into their relationship and blaine just really wants to make out with kurt so he blurts it out || “What, is there something on my face?” Kurt asks when he catches Blaine staring, and Blaine is so distracted by the way Kurt’s tongue darts out to lick away the cream on his lips that he blurts out, “I really want to make out with you.”!fic, fandom:glee, site:tumblr, pairing:kurt.hummel/blaine.anderson, ~author:slightestwind, rating:G-PG13, note:drabble/ficlet



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